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[MUST READ] How ADZbuzz Will Help 1000's Earn A Full-Time Passive Income Online!
06-20-2016, 07:12 AM
Welcome to the ADZbuzz Club, a community of like-minded people who have one goal: Making a full-time passive income online while at the same time building up your wealth!

This is a truly unique opportunity using ADZcoin and the ADZbuzz platform and is unlike anything you have ever seen before!
How does it work exactly? Here’s a short to-the-point overview:
Step 1: Buy An ADZbuzz Upgrade Offer
The upgrade offer will lift your limits on the ADZbuzz platform so you can use it as any other social media platform without restrictions. The upgrade offer can only be bought using ADZcoin, which can easily be bought with USD from the crypto currency exchange Livecoin. (Read the tutorial here)
Step 2: Get A 100% Refund Instantly
The truly unique angle of this offer is that it’s basically free to get started. The amount of coins you use to buy the upgrade will be instantly credited to your account.
Step 3: Watch Your Profits accumulate
Once you buy an upgrade offer you will earn up to 30% profits on top of your initial payment. So $1000 worth of ADZ will turn into $1300 over time coming from numerous income streams within the ADZbuzz project.
Step 4: Rinse And Repeat Until You Earn A Full-Time Income!
The compounding factor will allow you to buy more and more upgrades which will ensure you eventually earn a full-time passive income, while at the same time owning an asset (ADZ) that is worth a lot of money!
Here at the ADZbuzz club we take the greatest invention of mankind even a step further!
Why would we build compound interest on an asset that continuously loses value (Dollars or any other currency) because it’s being printed every day, while we can do exactly the same thing using an asset (crypto currency) that is limited in supply?

There are only a total of 84 million ADZcoins that will ever be created. This means that scarcity will kick in when the ADZbuzz Club grows and more and more people buy upgrades, our other products and use ADZcoin in their business.

Decreased Supply + Increased Demand = Higher Value!

So in essence, when you buy the upgrade offer to lift your limits on the ADZbuzz platform, you also grow your wealth over time by owning more and more ADZcoins, which is an asset that will continuously rise in value over time.

So get started today, join the ADZbuzz passive income club and let’s become financially free together!
Here are all the important links:
Buy The ADZbuzz Upgrade Offer
Introduce Yourself To All Club Members
Post Your Goals And Results
Learn How To Increase Your Earnings
Read The Latest ADZcoin News On The Blog
Find Your ADZbuzz Referral Link
Learn How To Refer More ADZbuzz Members And Grow Your Passive Income Faster
Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After Purchase?
After you buy the offer you'll be asked to enter your ADZbuzz username and your limits will be lifted based on the package you purchased. You will also see that the ADZcoins you paid will automatically be reflected in your account. This makes upgrading 100% risk-free.

How Does the Cashback Work?
Every day we will evenly distribute the ADZBuzz project earnings with upgraded members. The earnings come from a wide variety of products such as
The lifelong advertising offer
The notification bar credits
The ADZbuzz VIP offer
The ADZ payment processor
The ADZcoin web wallet
The Forum VIP offer
The ADZbuzz Marketplace
The ADZcoin Cashback Site
Many more in progress...
The earnings of the ADZbuzz project will gradually grow as more and more people start using ADZcoin and our platforms and features. This will ensure we can distribute more and more earnings when more and more people buy the ADZbuzz upgrade offer.

How much will earnings be daily?
This will differ every day and totally depend on the amount of sales we make during that particular day. The ADZ that are in our wallet at the end of the day get evenly distributed and sent out once a day. Because we are constantly adding new products and have an ever growing user base, there will be earnings every day.

When can I Withdraw the coins?
You will be able to see how any coins you need in order to withdraw. Once you reach the cashback amount you can easily withdraw them to your wallet.

Can I withdraw the Earnings Earlier?
The amount you deposit can always be withdrawn at any time through our support desk. This is your money and you have access to it at all times. However, the moment your withdraw your initial payment deposit your upgrade will expire and your profits will not be paid.

Is this offer part of the global affiliate program?
Yes. If your referral buys an upgrade package you will earn 10% commissions. These commissions become active as your referral earns his profits, meaning you will get daily ADZ until you have earned 10% of your referrals purchase. Expect to earn huge recurring commissions when you refer a lot of people to ADbuzz as this is an immensely lucrative referral program!
How ADZbuzz Will Help 1000's Earn A Full-Time Passive Income Online!

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