Vaser Lipo & Upper Arm Cosmetic Surgery: Medically Safe Way To Be Smart

by Rohit K. Internet Marketer
Every body part is as important as the more exposed facial part like nose, eye, chin or ears. Upper arm is also an important body part that contributes in the overall feel and look of any personality. Like any part, this body part too can be reshaped in desired way by cosmetic surgery; the demand of such operations in India is increasing fast because the people, male and female both, are getting conscious about their personality. Upper arm cosmetic surgery is known as Brachioplasty in medical language; and, finding a Brachioplasty surgeon in any metro city like Mumbai and Delhi is no more a complex task. Online presence of most of leading cosmetic surgery experts makes the search and selection further convenient.

Brachioplasty is performed to reshape sides of upper arms from elbow to armpit. If you have bulgy or de-shaped sagging skin upper arm, it is the cost effective permanent way to get the upper arms of desired shape that make you feel much younger. The sag at arms may occur because of many reasons including the common one- growing age and weight loss. During the upper arm cosmetic surgery, surgeons remove excess skin and fat to perfect arm contours. People having excess sweat production problem should reconsider with their consultant before heading for upper arms cosmetic shaping. Feeling bruising, numbness, pain discomfort and swelling are very common for 2-3 weeks. Dressing is needed for 3-4 weeks. Most of cosmetic surgeons advise the patients to use compression garments at least for 3 weeks.  

There is another great way to lose the undesired fat deposit almost instantly and the key to success exists in – Vaser lipo surgery. It is the proven advance method under cosmetic surgery to suck the undesired fat in calculated manner. It is being opted by the masses, who are more conscious about their personality and overall weight. A high precision analytical procedure enhances visibility of underlying musculature after this 3-dimensional sculpting. However, Vaser lipo surgery is not the technique to be opted for instant weight loss; instead it is more focused upon the removal of superficial - deep fat around the muscle groups. It can be performed upon several body parts of males and females both; may it be abdomen, breast, chest, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, hips or waist.

Normally, overnight stay is not required in cosmetic or Vaser lipo surgery that is done under local anesthesia effect. The results in most of cases appear after 3-4 weeks and remain as it is up till 3-4 years or even more.


Everyone in the world desires to have a smart personality but many times different beauty or personality judging parameters are not in our control. Upper arm cosmetic surgery and Vaser lipo surgery are the advanced medical ways to get the desired shape of many body parts. This article tells the basics about the both.

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