Things We Have Learned From Watching Hanna Barbera Cartoons

by Dylan Callahan IT Consultant

Whether you were a cartoon addict or just a kid who loved watching cartoons, we all have spent a significant time in front of the TV. Despite we met a lot of cartoon productions, Hannah Barbera is one of the top cartoon studios with hundreds and thousands of legendary characters and shows created. As you know, every written word is sending an important message, but cartoons do that too, especially Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Every single one of them shares life tips we definitely need to know. You may have watched a lot of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but have you learned the important life-tips they share? If not, continue through this article.

Johnny Bravo

What we all learned from Johnny Bravo is how not to behave around people, not to be lazy and dependent on others, and not be obsessed with ourselves. Johnny’s shallowness can be seen on a daily basis, starting with the routine morning “mirror talk” and compliments about his body and hair. Besides that, he never cares about other people nor their opinions. Johnny lives under his mother’s roof, jobless, and depends on her significantly, which means he is not capable of doing anything important without her. His behavior around ladies is a perfect example of not attracting ladies. He always does desperate karate moves and uses terrible pickup lines, and ladies are never interested in having a date with him. Very often, Johnny gets kicked by them, but even that is not a wake-up call for him.


Flintstones thought us that only a few things can make us happy and successful. Believing in ourselves is the first thing, so that others can believe in us too. The friendship between Fred and his friend Barney is one-of-a-kind and we all want to have such. They always help each other and their families get along as well. Fred and Barney have almost same hobbies and same personalities: respectful, caring for their wives and kids and hard-workers. Since Fred is angry all the time, he thought us that we all need to control our anger, in order to prevent ourselves from saying bad and offensive words that can hurt the people we love the most and create a distance.

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is sharing some pretty serious messages that are not meant for the kids, but for teenagers and even grown-ups. The team consists of four teenagers, who are not going to school but travel around the country with their van and trying to sell drugs. The reason that Shaggy and Scooby are always eating is because they are using drugs. Shaggy is smoking marijuana, but since Scooby is a dog and not able to smoke, Shaggy makes him “Scooby Snacks”, or more precisely – Hash brownies. The “monsters” that the team is chasing in every episode are from the places they stop by and they always turn out to be some regular persons. The creators of this cartoon tried to highlight that almost every person wears two masks, but rarely show us who they really are.

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