The new acer chromebook

by Paul Brighton Acer Store
With the new acer chromebook you have instant access to all Google related sites and tools and features such as Google Plus. There are many differences between Google Plus and Facebook. With Google Plus you create circles to organize your friends by topic. You have drag and drop features which make it simple to manage your circles or groups. When you create circles you can pick which groups or people can see which content you share. If you or someone else approves of something on the web, you select the “+1” icon to post it to your Google Plus account.

You are unable to exclude groups or friends from seeing your updates. With Facebook you can create friend lists which allow you to group your friends based on topic. You cannot manage your friend lists as easily as you can manage Google circles. You are able to choose specific groups or people when you share content on your profile. If you or someone else is fond of something on the internet and want to share it on your profile you can click the “like” button. You can also exclude certain groups or certain friends from seeing your updates.

With Google Plus you can separate work from your personal life but only have to maintain a single profile. For many, there are work profiles or pages for popular social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, and then there are personal profiles. It can be difficult attempting to differentiate between the two and maintain both with the same attentiveness.

This also creates the issue of setting different privacy levels, differentiating between passwords, log-ins, as well as photos and updates. You can easily place an article meant for a personal account to a work account by mistake, or, when tired, leave a bitter post about work on your personal account without realizing that work personnel have access to the information. With Google Plus you run less of a risk of combining, by accident, your personal life and work life.

If you are a new entrepreneur this can be extremely difficult, as you want to associate all personal networking with your new company for the sake of improved marketing. When you do this, it can become difficult to maintain separate lives. With Google Plus, you can separate the circles you want immediately, after which you can alter your privacy settings to reflect upon the needs of your new company. You can maintain a personal profile while still posting information or marketing materials for your company regularly to your friends circle, work circle, and/or family circle.

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