The 15 Best Fat Away Tricks

by Alfraid Rigsby Fitness Trainer
We would like here to introduce an effective miracle pill for weight loss. Unfortunately even utopia. Small consolation: with our fitness and nutrition tips, it works guaranteed.

1. Training Customization

Upgrade even if you are still so motivated: Just as a beginner should take it for endurance training slow you, so that your body once learns how he can tap into its fat reserves. Start with walking or cycling, to not overstrain themselves. The strategy: Focus on the frequency of training - a week with two or three times 30 minutes start on five times increase. Getting ahead if your endurance level has improved, you may train longer or get for example on the effective jogging to increase calorie consumption.

The strategy: Focus on the duration of training - that extend training sessions after 45 minutes, E.g. per week five minutes hanging on it. Stay tuned trained can also at higher loads which tap into fat reserves. The strategy: Focus on training intensity - a week at least three times endurance à 30 to 60 minutes. Thereby increase the pace. Also good: In the meantime Sprint alternating five times every two minutes and run slowly.

2. Coffee Enabled

Sober runs are repeatedly hailed as a miracle weapon, since the body due to the empty carbohydrates should increasingly tap into the fat reserves for energy. But not quite right. Although it consumes carbohydrates, but preferably obtained from the liver glycogen reserves actually at night. The glycogen in the muscles, however, are in the morning still relatively well filled. Therefore, do not automatically more fat is burned. So you'd better eat a snack, such as a low-fat yogurt or a Vollkornknäcke before you go. Tip: Caffeine pushes the fat burning. So before like one or two cups of coffee.

3. Cardio First

Guests can exercise in the gym, you should control the endurance first. The reason: You do weight-training in advance, so burn less fat for subsequent endurance training before fatigue and lactic acid formation. That's counterproductive!

4. Slim In His Sleep

Our growth hormones as energy hogs at full speed run at night. But only if they are not thwarted by a too sumptuous evening meal. Still not hungry must to go bed - avoid carbs, but from 19: 00 place instead on vegetables or salad with lean fish or poultry meat.

5. Avoid Stress

Because stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol inhibit the burning of fat. Small relaxing quickie for in between: humming quietly relaxed sitting on the exhale like a bee and inhale the air pull up through the nose. Three minutes, then normal breathing and feel the buzz.Here Feast Your Fat Away Review

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