Tagvillage: A Revolutionary Marketplace

by Elizabeth Laguardia Internet Business
By Russell Miller

For some of you whose familiar with penny auction, Tagvillage marketplace is almost the same but very different.
  In tagvillage, the auction counts down from the starting price to the target price which is $0.10. Once it hit the target price, the timer goes off.  At that point, the timer will reset to 30 seconds every time the bidder places a bid.

So what is the difference between tagvillage marketplace and penny auction?

The NOT's.

1. No bidding for hours until everyone but one gives up.
2. No scripts from other bidders.
3. No sniping.  You must bid before the 30 second timer begins in order to bid in the final phase. This means no one sits on the side lines and jumps in after everyone has run the auction down.
4. There is no an unlimited number of timer resets like in most auctions. Each auction has an algorithm that calculates how many timer resets will be for that auction based on a number of factors.
5. FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING: The final price is the total price you pay, no shipping, import tax or other fees.
6. All penny auctions thrive and profit from making the bidders spend obscene amounts of bids and none of them limit the prices, the bidders.
7.With tagvilllage, even the losers win. They pay the losers for placing bids.

1. Earn Commissions from your referrals:  Anytime one of your referrals wins an item in the bazaar you will receive a 5% commission of the retail price of that item.
2. Earn tagvertising commission: All the auction have 5 tags/keyword listed that show which tags the individual retailers have chosen to "target" for that item. If you own one of those tags each time an auction closes that is targeting that tag, you will earn 1% commission of the Retail Price of that item.
3. Sell tags that are targeted: There is an entire market that is going virtually untapped to this point and should begin picking up soon, as people begin to figure it out. Any of the tags are ALWAYS for sale, unless they are put in the Tag Bazaar for auction.  There is good money being made on the tags that are being run up as soon as an auction hits the "pending auctions"
tab.  Many people are waiting for those tags to be listed, and then jumping on them and getting in on the commissions as they run up.
4. Auction the tags that are targeted:  As with all tags for auction, any tag over $50 can be moved into the Tag Bazaar. This will be a good place to find some bargains on PROVEN tags - that is tags that are now generating an income on their own - and tags that you would like to sell off for a bargain for others to share in the commissions. In time, it is likely that these tags will cycle through VERY OFTEN and generate their own little market.

 As we see more of the same items re-listed and targeting the same tags,  we should start to see the tags as an actual
commodity, and should start seeing some trading of that commodity accordingly.

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Aurang Zeb Awan Magnate I   Content Writer
When I was promoting bazaar platform I found so many people who were not believing on this amazing and unique offers, but when I produced proofs just like you did in this page suddenly I find people start joining the tagvillage. So I assure those peoples who maybe think it is not possible just check by yourself and than decide but you must not miss this golden opportunity because this is the time...........why regret in the end why not join it now?
Sep 26th 2011 01:38   
David Mwenda Advanced  forex trader
a market with a a difference,go on tagvillage
Sep 26th 2011 21:46   
naqvi Freshman  
Yes i agree with @Zebgul that during the launching of auction things was not beleiveable for every one but later on tagvillage really prove that its a revolutionary market place
Sep 27th 2011 02:58   
Marko S. Professional   Web Presence Provider
The offers are really amazing, also the all commisions. Free global shipping is a good option, too, because I find out that the big stores like Amazon didn't like to ship small value things over the globe.
Sep 27th 2011 03:02   
Rashid Mehmood Senior   Internetmaker, Article Writer
well its a big offer to all because its realy amazing and nice . free global shipping is good optiion
Sep 27th 2011 13:37   
Barnali Sarkar Advanced  Website and Blog Reviewer
One who is not habituated to tagvillage could not understand all these opportunities..your writing is very clear and informative..this article will help everybody in future who are about to join in tagvillage..
Sep 27th 2011 14:15   
Evans Kochulem Advanced   web designer
this offer is simply the best it will help many people who are struggling to make some money online
Sep 28th 2011 06:45   
Debbie Duvenhage Innovator   
Sep 28th 2011 09:01   
Salim Benhouhou Professional   IT Support
i am joining right now . tagvillage rocks!
Sep 28th 2011 13:40   
Rizky Longdong Senior   ID Jump Networks
People will interesting with good offers there,
but i really more interested on TagVillage comissions cause i can increase my money with that :D
Let's make some extra income with "TagVillage"
Sep 29th 2011 09:10   
Nitin Kumar Shukla Advanced   Senior Software Engineer (PHP)
very useful knowledge about great program.
Sep 29th 2011 15:26   
Earn online Magnate I   Have 10 m to earn
you great woman
Sep 29th 2011 17:00   
S. M. GOLAM SAMDANE Advanced  Proprietor of an IT Company
It's really great information for everyone.
Sep 29th 2011 22:01   
Buy Great Products Professional   Affiliate Marketer
I just join and i like it very much. The information in your article is very good. Thanks
Sep 30th 2011 09:14   
Roomana Saeed Clicker Innovator  promoter
great knowledge
Sep 30th 2011 10:57   
Qaim Abbas Senior   Online Money Maker
I am a servant but i want to do any thing in my part time for earn money when i visit this site and learn all instructions and procedure than i decided that i will must join this site so today i have been joined this site because i think this is a best way for earning in part time for me. It is a best Tag Village for me and for every one it impress me very much. Thanks.
Oct 1st 2011 17:47   
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