Strength Training For Athlete Players

by Makay Activaa Professional Athlete Trainer.

There are countless methods and theories in the fitness world on the best strength training for athletes. These may work provided you have a zero baseline. However, if you have been in the industry for long enough, you definitely understand that the lat pull-down may not help much in your attempt to gains strength. Size is an important tool for hypertrophy. However, when working out for strength, there is need for free weights in sets of about 5 to 6 reps at a time.

This is due to the fact that higher reps are able to create more change when it comes to the cellular level like it is the case with size increase. While there are people who find these changes to be important in making the body robust, others find that they require the neural connection to muscles. This is what many bodybuilders refer to as the connection between the mind and the muscle.

In order to recruit muscles, the body usually sends some electrical impulses along the nerves in order to inform the muscle that it requires to contract. However, the problem with most fitness enthusiasts is that they continue using some outdated software for dial up to send the signal.  The neural pathways behave in the same manner as plants. The better you are able to tend to them, the stronger they become. However, like it is the same in the early stages of plant growth, in the early stages of a new skill, there are lots of pathways but they aren’t deeply engrained. Whenever you are teaching someone a new set of skills, they will perform every set in a different manner.

The goal of the learning process is to get rid of those bad movements and to hone and strengthen the good movement. The goal of the arborization process is to strengthen one pathway and this result to this scenario where the high speed and thick fiber optics cables send the message to your muscles perfectly and quickly every time. Therefore, in order to prepare your body for the typical power exercises like the power snatch and power clean, you will need to make the right choice of a workout program.

Beginner program

A good idea for a beginner program is to engage in 2 workouts every week and ensure that you perform all exercises for 4 sets of 5 increasing weight in each of the set.

Day 1

  • Clean Grip deadlift

  • Front squats

  • Press

Day 2

  • Snatch grip deadlift

  • Back squat

  • Press

As a beginner, once you become used to the sessions, you can choose to add another session every week. You can then alternate your workouts above.  The aim of these workouts is to enable the body to handle some bigger weights and ensure the correct form and at a slow speed. For instance, if you are unable to front squat in the right manner, you can’t have a good catch on the full clean. In order for the body to achieve the necessary flexibility, there are exercises that you need to perform such as behind the neck snatch grip press.

As a beginner, you will need to have a lot of patience. You may need several months before you can squat an appreciable weight amount. As a smart athlete, you will notice that you need to find a few more skills that make it possible to add to the load and tax the body in a sufficient way. This should not be so complicated to require special training before you can use. For an advanced plan, it would be advisable to find an expert coach who is a specialist in the field Contact

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