Reviewing the Several Benefits of Plastic Pallets Brisbane

by John Wilson Supplier

Plastic pallets have been around us for quite a good number of years now and the recent years have seen real transformations taking place in their design, robustness and several other aspects. These transformations have made them better than before and capable of taking more load and offer services for a longer duration.

Another reason that has played a very important role in their popularization is that they give a really neat, clean, safe and tougher alternative.

Listed below are some very common advantages of the plastic pallets Brisbane

  • 100% size and strength consistency
  • Long lasting – 10 times longer than wooden pieces
  • An investment for the future
  • Recyclable and environmentally-friendly
  • Exempted from ISPM15 regulations
  • Safer handling, without nails and splinters
  • No mold or dust contamination related issues
  • Suitable for hygienic areas
  • Easy to clean
  • Impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis

Let us elaborate them all one-by-one underneath

100% size and strength consistency

The fact that during the manufacturing process, these plastic pallets Brisbane are molded under extremely high pressure makes them consistent and accurate in dimensions and capacities.

Long lasting – 10 times longer than wooden pallets

The experts from companies offering services related to longspan shelving Brisbane say that as compared to the wooden version, this version is almost 10 times stronger and therefore, durable too.

These longspan shelving experts add that they have seen plastic pallets Brisbane working for as long as 14-15 years under severe loading conditions.

A better future investment

Another point that these experts express is that because of their durability and robustness, they can be considered a really nice future investment by those buying them.

They are extremely environment friendly and 100 percent recyclable

According to the experts from longspan shelving manufacturing firms, another very remarkable attribute of plastic pallets Brisbane is that they pose no risk to the nature. Other than this, the fact that they are 100 percent recyclable adds another star in the list of their features and benefits.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, you’ll find them having exemption from several rules made by several countries, out of which, the main is the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15 (ISPM15). This law has some very stern rules regarding the treatment before they are sent to other countries.

Handling becomes safer in the absence of nails and splinters

As compared to the wooden and the metal version, the plastic version is considered a better option in terms of safety. The reason is that they don’t include any nail or splinter at all and this assures that the humans working around them would have no risk of getting hurt accidentally.

Another very interesting fact about the same is that unlike wood and metal version, this version has no threat whatsoever of termites, fungus, molds or any other germs or infections developing. This means that irrespective of what conditions are given to work in, they will perform exceptionally well, with full resistance and full robustness and ensure quick completion of the project.


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