Our Earth: The Blue Planet

by Gogreen India Go Green India
The Earth is where we live and thrive on. With the incessant acts of brutality, we are not only hurting our planet but also risking our lives each day. Earth needs care and it is something that only the humans can do. One should try to protect their land, water, and other resources for a promising future. Go Green Save Green are not just words, but they have a deep meaning that one should comprehend and act upon.

Safeguarding of the natural environment is indispensable for maintaining community sustainability. Adequate water supplies of high superiority are obligatory both for community use and local ecosystems. Communities and jurisdictions must toil together to guarantee an ample water supply to meet future needs. Nonrenewable sources for power generation cause pollution and its harmful impacts. Energy conservation and the use of renewable fuels provide lucrative and more sustainable alternatives. Both the natural ecological unit and human wellbeing can be adversely impacted by waning air quality and climatic change.

Communities can preserve air quality by limiting or eliminating the ejection of detrimental chemicals into the air and by minimizing the sources of air pollution. Biodiversity is predominantly vital for creating sustainability because of the specialized roles each species plays in maintaining ecological equilibrium. Communities can promote healthy wildlife by supporting integrative approaches for managing, shielding, and enhancing wildlife populations and habitats appropriate to their area.

While providing a protective covering for soil, water, and the atmosphere, forests are also renewable sources of a never-ending assortment of products. In a hale and hearty ecosystem, policies and programs must balance trade and industry and conservation needs.

If the land has been deforested, hackneyed or battered, one should consider ecological restoration techniques to restore its plants, animals, and soil. Use resident plant and native tree species as they are likely to be healthier, longer lasting, and also require less water, pesticides, and other inputs. To protect and preserve the soil one should use ecological and organic gardening, landscaping and lawn care techniques, and come up with measures to prevent erosion. Minimize the use of corporate pesticides and fertilizers. Whether you want a lawn, flowers, or a garden brimming with fresh food; try to do it without pesticides. Permaculture approaches can help one design a livable and sustainable property. Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles that focuses on stimulating or directly using the patterns and features that are observed in natural ecosystems.

Caring for the planet and making it a better place to live in should be the prime motto of everyone who wants to have a sustainable future filled with abundant natural resources for their consumption. Don’t wait for the last tree to die and the last river to get poisoned, act now and save the planet.

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