One Minute Commissions - Review and Limits Exposed

by Eric Martin SEO Professional, Consultant
One Minute Commissions by Rebecca Roberts and Mike Auton is being promoted heavily by internet marketers. But you are informed about the half side itself. There are certain limitations too which no one is talking about. In this "One Minute Commissions Review", i will present you both the sides of this product to give you a clear idea of its working and limitations.

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The Real Concept

The main concept is to drive visitors to your offers/links through "Video Marketing". This sounds a totally stupid idea at first, but there are more twists to it. Basically you will go through 13 steps:

Step 1) Open a ClickBank Account.

Step 2) Open a YouTube Account.

Step 3) Choose a Product to promote.

Step 4) Copy the product name.

Step 5) Get your affiliate link.

Step 6) Access your "Accelero" Software.

Step 7a) Find a picture of the product.

Step 7b) Auto generate an image.

Step 8) Add all the links to Accelero Software.

Step 9) Auto Generate and Download your YouTube videos.

Step 10) Upload your YouTube videos.

Step 11) Add the YouTube video title.

Step 12) Add the YouTube video description.

Step 13) Get onto the first page of Google for FREE.

Now, there are detailed instructions (video tutorials) on each and every step in the members area. The main step is to index and rank these videos in Google.

The Money Making Part

So, you will get the visitors and sales from the affiliate videos that are made with the ACCELERO software provided in One Minute Commissions. Now, one of the main steps in the above listed steps is the step number 3 i.e. choosing profitable product. There are thousands of products at clickbank and the fact is that over 90% of the clickbank affiliates go after the top listed products which creates high competition resulting in very few winners and a massive crowd of losers. 

But there are various parameters which when put right, can provide you untapped products with little to no competition. The details of this step is explained in the members area of the product.

The Real Limitations of One Minute Commissions

Now, the most obvious question one must definitely ask is "Is it that simple?". No, There are limits. The biggest limit is that Google algorithm. As you might know that Google always makes changes in its algorithm and an approximate 500 small and big changes are made every year. 

Currently Google favors YouTube videos in its search. You must have come across videos several times when you perform a search online for products and information. So, the best way is to exploit this video marketing concept to its fullest before any unexpected change from Google comes out. 

All the big names in internet marketing share a common approach and the approach is to use things to its full potential. Back in 2002 (i.e. the early days of affiliate marketing), one could just throw away a crappy website, make some even more crappy backlinks and be a millionaire because it was so simple and very few people were using that. But today in 2012, things have changed a lot. Search engines are way more intelligent to differentiate between quality and crap content.

BUT, BUT, BUT... Videos are ranking with minimal efforts. So the best way is to use this concept from One Minute Commissions to its full potential to make your own dreams come true.

Twists and Scalability Factor

Now you can improve your sales stats by performing some twists. 

TWIST 1) You can apply the method from "One Minute Commissions" to other digital platforms like and where the competition is much less as compared to Clickbank.

TWIST 2) You can get affiliated to Amazon, Best Buy etc. and can promote physical products from Amazon/BestBuy too using the same video marketing concept.

NOTE: Since, the video creation is done by the software, hence you can scale/increase this method to various niches/categories and various platforms. The more the videos you put up, the more the visitors and hence sales.

Overall Review of One Minute Commissions

Overall this product is very well put together and it teaches the real insights to get your videos ranking in the search engines. The method can be easily scaled up to bring a good online income. So, One Minute Commissions is a recommended product for anyone serious in online marketing.

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