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by Dr Nirdosh Anti Ageing Cosmetic Doctor
People are constantly looking for a less invasive alternative to a facelift surgical procedure. The reasons are obvious including the normal fear and health concerns associated with cutting the skin of the face open. Fortunately, modern nonsurgical facelifts are now available and are proven to be effective. With a non surgical face lift, it’s possible to lift the entire face, including the jowl, cheeks, neck, eyes, forehead and lip area without the excessive price tag and increased recovery time of a full surgical operation.


Nonsurgical facelifts have actually surpassed facelifts in terms of popularity mainly because it has very desirable advantages over its surgical counterpart. First, the general cost for obtaining a nonsurgical facelift is certainly a lot cheaper compared to surgical facelift. Second, the risks and recovery time are also much less with nonsurgical facelifts. The downtime for majority of patients can range from very little to no downtime at all.




An essential part of a facelift without surgery is incorporating Botox injectables treatments. Botox treatment works by blocking selected chemical signals coming from the nerves which make the muscles contract, resulting in muscle paralysis. The cosmetic effect of Botox injections is that it temporarily relaxes the facial muscles that cause the initial wrinkles, gradually diminishing the tight tension that can be responsible for causing them, giving them a less prominent appearance - that can eventually erase them completely.  


Dermal Filler Injectables


The next essential component to the nonsurgical facelift is dermal fillers. These are the true majestic wonders that are used to bring back plumpness to the face and enhance the lips to diminish wrinkles. Dermal fillers have been called "liquid facelifts" due to the fact that they can provide numerous cosmetic benefits just like a facelift but minus the downtime. I cannot stress how important a private consultation is. The right doctor is essential to achieve the non-surgical facelift correctly.


The Vampire Facelift | Platelet Rich Plasma


A new sought-after treatment of filling wrinkles and plumping up hollow cheeks is Platelet Rich Plasma widely knows as the Vampire Face Lift. This is a miracle non surgical; facelift treatment that allows your skin to remain young looking and produce young healthy skin cells. It can be said that it halts ageing. No fat or toxins are injected into the body; instead the main ingredient of this wrinkle-removing treatment is the patient’s own blood. Blood samples are extracted from various part of body and then the vital platelet rich plasma stem cells – the ingenious power stem cells which help younger skin grow. The regeneration process then begins by re-injecting the plasma rich stem cells back into face. Younger skin starts to grow by replacing older skin. The procedure is popular as it helps the face to become younger and lifted from within


Micro-Current Facelift


This is a nonsurgical facelift treatment that is quickly gaining popularity. It works on the cells of the face, accelerating the innate chemical actions of the skin to reverse the effects of time. This is also performed in just one hour and can strengthen the face, neck, lift the jaw line and eyebrows, minimize pigmentation and diminish wrinkles. It is also relatively pain-free.




This rare nonsurgical facelift technique using pins and needles inserted into the face, legs and hands. This is one of the less expensive methods of having a nonsurgical facelift although the downside is that the effects do not become apparent instantly or last as long as any other techniques. Frequent treatments are required for minimal results.


Lunchtime facelift


This refers to the laser beam skin rejuvenation. This nonsurgical facelift method lifts the face instantly by using soft laser beams. This accelerates and improves the production of collagen in order to remove fine lines, acne and facial imperfections in a matter of days. This is largely free from any side effects although some patients report having some inflammation but these goes away in as little as 1 to 2 hours.


Skincare & Skin Supplements


Not to dismiss skincare and skin supplements at all as they work to heal the root cause of the initial skin cell damage, essentially where surgery cannot reach or repair. Eating correctly and including advanced anti ageing skin care and skin supplements can kick-start repair and recovery to refresh and heal skin damage. The key here it to select the right nutrients for your age to ensure you’re feeding your skin with facelift ingredients. To see an age guide for skin treatments click here.

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