My Favourite Food and Beverage

by Sinnmer K. Teacher

As an old saying goes, bread is the staff of life. Everybody needs to eat and everybody needs to drink. I would rather put it in this way: everybody likes to eat and drink. Take me as an example, I get up at 7 everyday and just like my classmates, I don't want to get out of the comfortable bed and I feel like still sleepy. However, I have to get up because of my classes. Therefore, I persuade myself that after getting up it will be breakfast time and it means I can eat again. I can have delicious bread and hot milk, I can fill my hungrey stomach high-low dresses, and I can be energetic again.

My favourite food is potatoes. Since I was a little girl, my mother has been cooking potatoes for us. She either slices the potatoes or cuts them into cubs. Then she pour them into the hot oil and fries them with some pepper. Several minutes later, a delicious dish of popatoes would be served on the dinner table. As you can guess, this course would be finished in a quickest time. My mother once tole me that almost every kid liked potatoes because of its special tastes. What my mother said is partly true--after so many years' investigation, I meet lots of potato-lovers including kids, youths and adults, even the seniors.

When it comes to my favourite beverage, I prefer milk. Firstly, milk is heathy enough. Milk contains much calcium which helps to strengh our bones, making the bones stronger and healthier. Scientists found that children who drunk more milk are usually taller than those drunk less milk. Secondly, drinking milk can fasten the development of our brain stilettos . The phosphorous contained in milk does a great help to the growth of brain. Thirdly, vitminB contained in the milk can help to protect our eyesight. Finally, a latest news claimed that milk drinking could help reduce weight rather than gain weight. That may sound unbelievable, however, I tend to believe it. I like milk, and that may be the reason why I am not short, I am not nearsighted and I am not overweight.

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