Modest SEO Approach to Win Business Owner’s Confidence

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and effective internet marketing strategies which is used to increase a website or web page’s visibility through natural or organic “search results”. The targets in SEO range from local to image to academic to video search. The functionality of SEO includes the working and changes in search engines,keywords search and the mostly used search engines by online searchers. In order to optimize the content of a website, barriers to indexing activities need to be removed and keyword specific relevance needs to be built using HTML and other associated coding techniques. Other tools of promotion include inbound link or back link, social media marketing, guest blogging and various other emerging tools.

How to Manage Clients in Prospect:

In SEO business, management of clients is a big issue. With the growth of your business, the complications also grow. For this you will have to increase your interaction with the business related clients to make them purchase the value of your services. You further need to intimate the clients on the budget requirements and tell them to leave the rest on you. Struggling with such work can lead to lag in performance as most of the concentration remains focused on obtaining good clients for your work. Provided below are basic guidelines that will save your time which can be invested in implementing effective strategies for SEO based projects.

Simplicity is the Best Policy-

There are situations when clients who are unaware of the SEO process, try to make investment decisions for SEO campaigns. During these times, it is important to take the initiative to step in and provide a simple version of the information you want to impart in an effective and quick manner,making sure that your are paid in full for the work you are assigned.

Justifying is not a Necessity-

You may think that clients need to understand what your work is all about but this is where you are wrong. You need to deliver to them just the conclusions and nothing more. The clients are not interested in your logic or your contentions. You need to win their confidence by building trust. This may not happen all at once but you need to continue to try till such time that bonding is created. Fighting for the budget or convincing the client will not yield the result that can be achieved by helping your client’s business grow. With the rise in social platforms, you as client need to understand their importance in SEO practice. Social Media marketing helps you reach out to a larger audience and SEO techniques only help implementing the process in a better way.

Making a Modest Approach to Business Owners

There are subtle aspects in approaching prospect clients for getting business from them. These aspects, though too trivial to matter, do play a crucial role in deciding where you get the project or not. The biggest contributing factor in this aspect remains “emailing”. Short emails can create the impact much desired. Some of the ways in which you can impress your prospective client are described below.

  • Try to sound more inviting- When making an initial approach, try not to use “you” but “we” tomake it sound more informal and friendly. Take your time to write so that it does not sound too blunt. Also, do not be too pushy or compelling bymaking the client (prospective) rush with the deal. Instead of approaching like, “hello, I am interested in doing an interview on your upcoming project due on Friday with you”, you could write, “Hey, it would be a great pleasure for me if we both could work on your upcoming project”.
  • Keep a watch on time- Remember to send emails during those times when it has the maximum chances of being read, else it will remain in the inbox unchecked. Tuesday mornings are the best time slot for sending mails. Timing makes a lot of difference; sending mails at the right time can help you get good business.
  • No Expectations- Instead of day-dreaming and over-analyzing things, you would ratherinvest your time in continuation of sending mails. Do not let the lack of response affect your enthusiasm. Keep tracking the progress and keep improving the mail content for better response. Occasionally, there might be people who will say “NO” on your face but you must remain undeterred and never get discouraged enough to stop following upon the mails already sent. Even as you continue with the mail-sending process, a long-term process will surely help to build connections which are much needed.


Keeping the above points in mind will help you to make an approach in a prepared manner. You must be able to understand the needs of the business owners and handle the case carefully in a peaceful but strategized way.Learning and implementing the above points can actually help you to convert a potential client in to a healthy relationship. Alex Mathew is an expert SEO writer who writes on SEO Service and other such SEO related topics.

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