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Computer users around the world are aware of cyber threats in some form and this process making users familiar with malware and their harmful effects have received a significant boost after the recent large scale attacks of two variants of ransomware, namely WannaCry and EternalPetya. A malware can harm a computer system in many ways, from altering the normal functioning of operating system, damaging system files, encrypting computer data to stealing private information that can result in a financial loss. McAfee Technical Support UK guides computer users through malware programs and latest advancement in their technology. Our adept technicians possess great insight into malicious applications and countermeasures that help in securing computer devices.

With the availability of creditable antivirus makers in the software industry and their robust and highly effective counter-threat solutions, it has become a complete need for bad guys to invent new ways of inserting malware into a victim’s computer and get benefits from it. This has caused the invention of malware assisting tools and one of them is Fully UnDetectable (FUD) tool. The tool helps with inserting a harmful code in a computer device by encrypting it so that it doesn’t appear damaging to any installed antivirus application. Furthermore, it alters metadata of malicious programs to confuse pattern- and behaviour-based counter-threat applications. To get more details regarding latest threat programs contact McAfee Support UK.

Unlike a free antivirus, McAfee antivirus carries sophisticated encryption algorithms which give it the capability to identify and block such malware assisting programs. McAfee antivirus also decrypts any malicious program which hides in a system in coded form. To further augment the level of protection, McAfee Antivirus Support UK helps in integrating the antivirus with built-in security features of an operating system (OS), such as a firewall. The expert technicians of McAfee Support Contact UK possess knowledge about different versions of McAfee antivirus and therefore are able to completely guide through features of different McAfee versions. This helps computer users in choosing an appropriate malware protection.

All McAfee antivirus products are designed to combat malware programs, such as ransomware, adware, spyware, worms, Trojan, viruses, and malware helping tools like exploits, downloaders, droppers, and FUDs. It is important to note here that the recent of attack of WannaCry ransomware that occurred in the month of May, 2017 became possible due to the use of an exploit kit, named Eternalblue. An exploit is a harmful program that scans a computer for hidden security flaws and uses them to insert malware codes. Hence, it can be termed a malware carrier. Cyber criminals usually hide exploit codes on popular websites and software and to prevent any harm from them, it is imperative to have an advanced protection, such as McAfee antivirus installed on your system. Contact McAfee UK Support to get any info regarding the exploits and appropriate countermeasures for them.

A McAfee antivirus scans a website in advance, before a user lands on its web page, to identify threats if present and finally block them. Use McAfee Support Phone Number UK to get assistance regarding un-installation of an antivirus, including its residual files that create unnecessary load on the computer memory and storage. You can also contact McAfee Support UK to share any issue you face with the antivirus or OS. The McAfee Technical Support UK staff has spent years in the field of malware protection and other related tech assistance areas. Call us anytime to expert remedies.

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