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by Edson Ferreira Marketing Consultor
Personal Marketing can be defined as an individual strategy to attract and develop contacts and relationships interesting from the standpoint of personal and professional, as well as to give visibility to the characteristics, skills and competencies relevant in view of acceptance and recognition by others.

Gone is the ..... time marketing staff was a political instrument, false, targeting only one specific achievement. Today, to advance through to the real social jungle that became capitalism, it is becoming an increasingly necessary tool for everyone, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The key elements ..... when he confirms that the path to success is the practice of marketing personnel, are:

- The quality of the emotional positioning for others

- Interpersonal communication

- The installation of a network relationships

- The correct positioning of the image

- The practice of actions to support, help and encouragement toward others

Emotional ..... Positioning can be defined as the way people will remember an individual. Some people remember the other way courteous, positive and polite they are processed, the sincerity and zeal with which they had contact, finally, the positive emotions that lead to the image of others. Rather, there are people who leave a deeply negative, even if the interpersonal contact was brief.

So ..... the practice of marketing staff should be responsible for great care in how you give interpersonal contacts. Are crucial to this attitudes referring to attention, friendliness, assertiveness, balance, sincerity and demonstration of concern for others, in a transparent and authentic. A maximum personal marketing: personal attention to whoever is never without investment return.

..... Interpersonal communication can be defined as the great link that highlights an individual in the mass. When he speaks, when expressed in writing or orally, when you create communication links continued, the individual outside what's best within. Thus, using a Portuguese right and proper to each context, write well, overcome shyness, motivating and uplifting dialogues use and maintain a regular flow of communication with people is a good base for development of marketing staff. We always tend to see people who communicate well as leaders in the field in which they operate.

Network ..... relationships can be defined as a web of contacts, in various levels, fundamental for the individual is socially located, both vertically (with relations on a higher plane than yours) and horizontally (with their peers in similar plan).

When talking about ..... network, two challenges arise immediately: size relationships of the plural form, being able to relate on any level, becoming remembered by all in a positive way, and keep the network, sending messages periodically, being present at social events and treating others with warmth and attention.

Positioning ..... image can be defined as a visual adaptation to the social context. It is a fact that society valorize the image and hype aside, the principle of visual attention needs to be analyzed realistically. Thus, the correct attire and appropriate to the moment, the combination of aesthetic pieces, colors and style, as well as the fundamental physical care (cutting hair, hygiene, dental health, etc.) are important for a harmonious composition and Attractive image.

Finally ..... the practice of actions to support, help and encouragement toward others is the greatest element of the marketing staff and as a social highlight, the best way to climb a place in the minds and hearts of those around us.

Needless to say ..... to support, assist and encourage people to be a set of attitudes sincere, transparent and based on what it does best. So why only apparent actions are easily detected and undermine the essence of true personal marketing. The key, therefore, is always to ask: how can I help? How can I support? How can I encourage the growth, progress and well-being of others?

When well practiced, the marketing is an extremely effective tool for achieving the social and professional success. And ..... the best is that, besides benefiting the practice, he also provides welfare for those who are around.

How about changing some old paradigms and rethinking our own marketing staff?

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