Making Money Online - Think it, See it, Write it, Say it & Do it!

by Harry S. Entrepreneur

Do you Make Money?

Is it real?  Of course it's real but do jump out of the bed in the morning with a smile before you even look at the numbers?

OK, here is the real test - does your family and friends tell you to give up or beg you to show them how?

If it's the first something is definitely wrong! Please continue to read it can't hurt, I think it will put you in a better spot. If it's the later then stop reading you have you way and don't tinker with what’s working.

Let me get started by telling you a short story. In my highlight moment of poverty a friend and I rented a raggedy building which we started a hand car wash. We worked hard and made enough to pay bills only.

When we had a break in the day, I would sit down and relax he would write songs. I thought it was a waste but had to support him plus he left me alone to rest.

Certain things were certain in my life at the time. I breathe, work hard, barely eat and pay bills and he write (stupid) songs.

He wasn't doing it he would just stare at the wall!

This was alarming to me so after a week I asked him what’s going on. And the best thing that may have ever happened to me was his response. "I want this car" he said.

I thought whew, at least he's not sick or something. He began telling me how he was thinking about the car he was getting. He began describing every detail down to the wires *See It* on the car (not sick maybe crazy).

I told him he was dreaming but he continued until I was caught up. I start to see his vision and even said "we should have a lent trap on the side of the seat by the door". He would *Write It* our ideas.

And we talked about it to everyone *Say It* even called car ads. People would latch on to what I thought was our dream but it really was "his".

When the feeling in me started to wear down it was just even more fire in him. So one day he hired someone without asking me to replace him. He took money we didn't have and made flyers passing them out everywhere.

He handed them to some cab drivers that he knew and they came *Do It*! A bigger cab company saw how clean their rival’s cars were that they had us sign a contract to only wash their cabs.

I left right after, joined my internet family but always remember that moment. There was no way! He did it.

A few years afterward I looked outside. Then grabbed my jacket, got in, rode along the water for about a hour. Came home got out walked in the house with a smile. We never spoke one word in fact when I left the car wash I never spoke to him since. 

My name should still be as part owner on that car wash but I seen my own reality (dream). So I went for it.

And how did he know where I lived?

I could go into more details of how to get there but then this would be a book. I hope this helped you in some way. I will continue this topic later.

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Joe Henning Professional  Your Profit Connection

What a lovely story and you laid it out nicely too. I can sense it could easily have been a book and want to encourage you to please WRITE THAT BOOK!!!!
Nov 8th 2012 12:14   
Tony H. Professional   Myandurbiz
Wow! My friend what a story you got here, thanx for sharing some personal chapters of your life struggles with us APSense members here. To me it offers a sense of dignity and an urge of perserverance to know that you believe in something and have the will power to keep pursuing what you see as an achievable goal.I myself have a tell to tell but my story wont come to fruition until later on this week after I see the outcome of all my patience,hard work and endeavors of being able to present to all who doubted my line of work to be just a waste of time and effort, but we shall see shortly. I look forward to more of your story Harry as I look forward to sharing mine as well.
Nov 8th 2012 12:36   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Thanks Joe I think my friend was mad when I left and the way I left but I had to go. This is a old story to me because I do seminars from time to time for people and use it so...
Nov 8th 2012 12:42   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
Tony, I had plenty at one point and was the definition of low life. I then had nothing from circumstances and found something in the darkness which money, success can't buy. Through the help of others I have again but the best part for me was when I had nothing. Granted I didn't think it was then, now I'm all smiles looking back.

Tony I look forward to hearing you're story and as long as you don't doubt yourself, you will be fine. Matter of fact I'm not thinking about you not making it I see guys with your drive all the time end up bossing me around (or trying to).
Nov 8th 2012 13:07   
Tony H. Professional   Myandurbiz
Thanx Harry I appreciate the I'm really a team player type of quy who just want's to enjoy life comfortably. I truly appreciate your presence here on the APSense Platform...keep up the DRIVE!
Nov 8th 2012 13:17   
Harry S. Professional   Entrepreneur
How did I know you were going to say that? How do you like your coffee Tony?!
Nov 8th 2012 13:28   
Carole M. Advanced  SAHM working online
Fantastic article, Harry. I loved it...would you mind if I put it on my blog? I'm just not sure which category it would go under. There are so many to choose could fit a lot of places. I guess that's why I like it so much. I will reference you as the author, or if you have a blog or website I'll link to you, credit to you...whatever you want. I will give credit where credit is due...hmmm, that would be YOU! Let me know.
Nov 10th 2012 08:21   
Renan Caballero Freshman  Sales Executive
too many articles now on making money online. All speaks of real earning but none prove to be effective
Nov 19th 2012 08:44   
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