Making Biomass Briquettes from Waste

by amisy machinery biomass energy industry
Why more and more people are inclined to use biomass briquettes to substitute the conventional fuels? How to make biomass briquettes from waste to service our daily life and industrial production? If you want to understand the relevant information, browse the detailed content below.
Benefits of biomass briquettes
Biomass briquettes can take the place of conventional firewood, coal and liquefied gas which is widely used for heating furnace, industrial boilers, hot water boilers, biomass power plant, etc. In a word, it can almost meet all your needs for heating. Meanwhile, they can also reduce waste and rubbish. And you can make money from selling briquettes. What’s more, the application of biomass briquettes is helpful to the environmental protection and energy saving, which can also realize the resource recycling.
Raw materials
Biomass and agro-wastes that burns without producing toxic ash or fumes all can be biomass briquette raw materials such as straw, sawdust, rice husk, seed shell, palm fiber, corn straw, alfalfa, rice straw, leaves, grass, peanut shells, etc.
How to make biomass briquettes?
Biomass briquette machine, the professional machinery for making biomass briquettes is needed while we are willing to change the waste into fuels for our home heating and industrial use. Here the procedure is introduced to you in details.
Raw material crushing-drying-briquette pressing
1. Designed for crushing biomass wastes into regular size, crushing machine is made of high quality steel and has a long service life. The reasonable structure makes crushing process high speed and flexible. The crushed material has length of less than 50mm.
2. Drying is to control the material moisture which has great impact on briquette forming. Neither too wet nor too dry, control the degree to 8%-12%. Dryer adopts hot air device and sucks feed automatically. Hot air flows at a high speed and can fully mix with feed. Material with moisture about 40% can be dried to 10% and don't need a second time drying.
3. Briquette pressing machine is energy recycling equipment. The crushed &dried materials are fed to forming briquette. They go through high temperature and pressure in a short period of time, pressed to various shapes and diameters briquettes according to different molds. The finished briquettes give out more heat and have no air pollution.   
In conclusion, it's easier to make biomass briquettes by the biomass briquette machine. And it is time to pay more attention to biomass briquettes - renewable energy resources. Let's start to turn cheap biomass materials, economic crops or wood wastes into treasures.

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