List of Healthy Foods for Fertility and Foods to Avoid

by Peter Siddel Professional Health adviser

There are many foods that increase the risk of low sperm count and infertility, so you have to avoid these. Not all the eatables are causes the infertility, there are various foods that help in the creation of quality sperms and prevent the risk of infertility in both genders.

Foods that increase fertility

Here are the top most valuable foods that increase sperm count and fertility.


Eggs are good source of vitamin D, B12 and protein, but make sure to find farm fresh.  These eggs are little costly as compare to others but are more packed with the nutrients.

Nuts and Seeds

Raw forms of nuts and seeds are contains more nutrition value. Nuts are packed with the omega 3, Vitamin E, protein and zinc, which is very important mineral for the creation of male sperm. Try to eat these foods in the raw form to get more health benefits because cooking may decrease their nutrition value.

Walnuts and chia seeds are very rich source of omega 3. Apart from that, Pumpkin and sesame seeds are great source of vital zinc and iron.

Dark leafy Vegetables

Folic acid, iron, vitamin E and B6 are mostly found in the dark green leafy vegetables. In addition, these vegetables are improving the reproductive health because they are packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Spinach, kale and collards are the best vegetables for healthy fertility.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits contain variety of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C. There are various fruits that are highly packed with the antioxidants which protect the sperm from the free radicals. Ripe fruits which are highest in antioxidants are prunes, blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and pomegranates.

Sea foods

Fishes like tuna and salmon are contain highest level of omega-3 fatty acid. Cold Sea foods are containing essential oils that improve the reproductive health of both genders. Cold fishes are packed with selenium, zinc vitamin D and CoQ10 which are considered healthy for fertility. Always go for the sea fishes if you really want to see positive results instead of farmed fishes.

You may add colorful veggies, liver, beans and grains in your dietary plan for the healthy fertility.

These foods are also improving the erection in men and prevent the risk of impotence. You may use the safe kamagra oral jelly, if you are unable to get the desired results after improving lifestyle and diet. 

Foods to Avoid


Excessive consumption of the caffeine can affect your hormonal balance or may enhance the risk of miscarriage. So if you are addicted of caffeine then stop immediately for the healthy fertility.

Avoid soy foods

For the good reproductive health, you need to avoid the soy rich foods like soy protein powder, soy chips, soy burgers etc. The excessive consumption of soy rich-food has negative impacts on the hormonal balance. Because soy foods containing mimicking properties of estrogen which disturb the hormonal balance in both genders.

Avoid Fat-Free Foods

Foods that contain fever fat like processed foods are also not healthy for the fertility.  So be careful, and always choose nature foods which are packed with healthy fats.

Avoid GMO Foods

Foods that are really modified you genetically enhance the risk of fertility issues in both men and women.  Genetically modified foods are more responsible for the increasing infertility rates in the worldwide. 

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