Lipstick Stun Guns Offer Women Portable Protection

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Women can take self-defense classes in order to learn how to fight, but that might not be enough. Some women think that another way to protect themselves is to look into purchasing a weapon of some kind like a taser or a stun gun. However, instead of purchasing a stun gun, that might be too big and bulky to carry, some women prefer to get a lipstick stun gun instead. For women who are still deciding about whether or not to get one of these small defense weapons, there are many reasons why women need to carry one other than just having portable protection.

Reasons to Carry a Lipstick Stun Gun

There are tons of choices when it comes to the kind of stun guns that women can carry, but the problem with most is the fact they are rather large. The whole idea of a lipstick stun gun is to be discreet, and a big giant square in the middle of a purse is not exactly hiding the fact a woman has a weapon in her purse. However, lipstick stun guns are very small, yet their size does not mean they are weak. Here is more information on the reasons for a woman to carry a stun gun having the size of a tube of lipstick:

•    An effective method of self-defense: Some women may spend years learning how to defend themselves, but sometime when it comes right down to it, panic and fear may make women forget everything they have been taught. However, with a stun gun, all women have to do is understand how it works, and maybe practice a little, and then they can use it if they are in danger from someone trying to rob them or injure them.

•    Easy to use: There is absolutely no training needed to use a tiny stun gun that is in the shape of a lipstick tube. All women have to do is aim the little stun gun, and press a button, and the gun will fire the electrodes right into the person threatening them and zap them. Who doesn’t know how to press a button?

•    Legal in most states to use: There are some places that do not approve some methods of self-defense, but the good news is that most states do approve a stun gun, no matter what size it is. It is legal for women to carry a stun gun, use it, and not have to be afraid of being in trouble with the law.

When it comes to women protecting themselves, the last thing they may think of is a lipstick stun gun. However, the fact is that there are many benefits to using one, and women should consider purchasing one if they want to have an effective method of self-defense. While some women may want to take a class like karate or a self-defense, the fact is that when something does happen, sometimes they may forget what they were taught especially if they get scared. A small stun gun is legal, effective, and women can easily learn how to use one because all they need to do is push a button, and the threat to their lives will be incapacitated quickly.

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