Kidney Stone Remedies, Natural Treatment For Kidney Stones

by James Nicolas Ayush Remedies

Kidneys are master chemists of human body. These organs are of small size and weigh just 150 grams but perform few vital functions which are extremely necessary for leading normal and healthy life. Kidneys of a healthy human body filter nearly 200 liters of blood every day and produce around 2 liter of urine. During this process these organs perform many important functions which are necessary for sound health and strong body.

The process of filtration makes them vulnerable to many ailments and disorders out of which formation of stone is one of the most common types. This deposition is not only painful and troublesome but is extremely harmful for human body. If it is not treated properly it can occur again and again to gradually deteriorate normal body functions and can lead to permanent failure of the human body parts. Natural treatment for kidney stone utilizes immense power of herbs and provides holistic and effective treatment which not only expels existing one but also prevents its formation in future.

When substances like calcium, oxalate and phosphorous are in more concentration in urine person is at high risk of getting a pebble. Calcium oxalates are most common substances found in the kidney stones. These form due to high concentration of calcium and oxalate. Calcium phosphate stones are formed when urine has high PH level consistently. People eating diet which increase acid formation are at risk of getting uric acid stones. Cystines are formed due to genetic disorder which causes leakage of cystine into urine to form crystals. Thus, natural treatment is effective against all type of crystal formation and thus provides relief from the troubling symptoms along with proper treatment.

Kid Clear capsules are perfect remedies to decrease the crystal formation. These capsules possess potent and powerful herbs as ingredients. These capsules have Bastimoda, Kulthi, Pashanbhed, Badi Elaychi, Amba Haldi, Barna, Pathhar Chur, Gokshuru, Javakhar, Kaknaj, Kali Musli, Javitri, Makoy, Karmkalla, Kakdi, Apamarg, Alubalu, Taj and Hauber as ingredients which collectively address the root cause of crystal deposition and expel them safely without causing any troubling symptoms or damage to the internal system. All of these herbs have certain innate properties which are very beneficial for improving functioning of urinary system which makes them highly effective remedy.

Kid Clear capsules by virtue of their ingredients reduce bonding between the crystals. Due to weaker bond the stone turns into small particles. Some of the herbs used in Kid Clear capsules are diuretic which increase urine output, due to increased urine output the particles get easily flushed out of the system without causing any damages to ureter or urinary bladder. Other than this, these capsules possess herbs which have strong anti-bacterial properties. Herbal ingredients of Kid Clear are very useful in keeping pH level of urine balanced and help in flushing out waste crystal forming substances like excessive calcium, phosphorous and oxalate. These benefits make Kid Clear very useful for removing waste substances out of the body and thus not allow them to accumulate. Due to purely herbal nature these are safe for person of any age and they can consume them without any medical prescription.

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