Ideas of Gifts to Include When Giving Flowers

by Beth S. Freelance Writer

Giving flowers has been a tradition for several years. Each flower and its colours have different meanings that can deliver different messages. Most people are contented to give just flowers, but others want to give other gifts besides that. They wanted to show more appreciation and add something that will remind the recipient about them. If you are planning to give your loved ones some flowers, the gifts listed below are great suggestions to include that can make your flower and gift giving more special.


Occasions and events are the popular times when people are sending flowers and gifts to someone. It is often delivered to convey happiness and gratefulness. It is the reason why wine is one of the gifts that you can include when you give someone a bouquet of flowers especially if you wanted to say congratulations. You can send flowers and wine for someone who had just graduated, passed the examination, promoted from work, or given birth to a new baby. Aside from this, giving wine and flowers are also recommended when you are celebrating a milestone in your relationship with someone during anniversaries which you can both enjoy after having a romantic dinner.


Candles are available in a wide range of colours and scents. It can be used in bedrooms or living rooms to make them smell good. Other people also consider candles can give them relaxation after a long day of work. It is the reason why candles are perfect to include for flower and gift delivery Singapore. You might think the combination of flowers and candles may be unusual but it will definitely be usable for the recipient. If you know the recipient’s favourite scent, then it must be your choice. But if not, you can either pick the candle with her favourite colour or the scent which you think the recipient will love.


One of the main gifts that is usually included when giving flowers is the chocolate. Giving flowers and gifts are usually done during different occasions and events. It may be Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, graduation, or just wanting to send some love to someone. If you want to make the recipient appreciate the bunch of flowers that you are giving, adding some chocolates is a great idea. Make sure that you know what type or brand of chocolate the recipient prefers to ensure that she will definitely like it. There are different boxes of chocolate to choose from that are usually consist of different types inside, which can be the best option.

Teddy bear

During Valentine’s Day, the most popular other gifts that are usually given are teddy bears. It comes in many sizes and even colours that will give you a wide range of choices. Online florist Singapore often sells flowers with teddy bear as a package because they know that many clients prefer to give it. Many people want to give teddy bear with bunch of roses because it can serve as a remembrance. The recipient might like to display it or hug it while sleeping. If you know the recipient does not like teddy bear, you might prefer other stuffed toys to choose. It will be your choice which type or size you are willing to give.

Card or letter

Sending cards and letters are already considered old-fashion tradition by many people. But it will surely make the flower and gift delivery Singapore has a more personal touch. Receiving flowers and gifts knowing that the sender put so much effort will surely be appreciated by the recipient. From picking which card you wanted to send or for the time you spent in writing the letter, the bunch of flowers that will be sent with it will be more special. Letters are recommended for the senders who are personal or intimate connection with the recipient because there are things you wanted to say and messages you wanted to deliver. If you are sending flowers just to say thank you, congratulations, or good luck, a card will do just fine.

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