How to stay healthy and comfortable during your flight

by Faria A. Ecommerce Executive

Long haul flights are necessary to escape to the sun at this time of year, but its well known that a plane journey can tire your body out long before you reach your destination. Planes are a breeding ground for germs with so many people confined in close quarters for long amounts of time, but with no other option for travelling to your winter sun destination, how can you keep yourself comfortable and healthy during your flight?

1. Banish Germs

To help combat the germs on the plane, keep yourself clean by using an anti bacterial hand gel to clean your hands before you eat or drink. Make sure that any sneezes or coughs are caught with a tissue and the tissue is binned. Moist hand wipes are another great way of keeping your hands fresh and clean, and the airline will usually supply you with one during your meal.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

The air on a plane is very dry as it recycles around the cabin during your flight. To keep yourself from becoming dehydrated, ensure you drink plenty of water throughout your flight. Although you can request water from your flight attendant, it’s far easier to bring a large bottle of water - just remember to purchase this water after your security check otherwise it will be taken off you.

Once your bottle is empty, don’t refill it from the toilets on the aeroplane as the water can contain bacteria and may not be safe for consumption. If you are drinking tea or coffee then remember to replenish yourself with plenty of water, herbal teas, or fruit juices. Soft drinks and alcohol are best avoided altogether - soft drinks with a high caffeine base contain high amounts of sugar which can make you more thirsty, and alcohol contains dehydrating properties, removing water from the tissues it contacts and drying them out.

3. Don’t Forget Your Eyes, Lips, Face and Hands

Another unwanted effect of the air on a plane is dry skin and eyes. Pack a small container of eye drops in your hand luggage to refresh your eyes throughout your flight. The dry air can do more damage than you realise and make you feel less than fresh upon arrival.

Saline nasal gel applied to your nostrils via a cotton bud can help to keep the inside of your nose moist and make breathing more comfortable, and painful and unsightly chapped lips can be solved by bringing your favourite nourishing lip balm aboard the plane.

A small pot of moisturiser will do the trick for your skin - both face and hands. Containers bigger than 100ml will be binned at the security check, and all of your liquids, including creams, lotions, perfumes, mascara, lipsticks, hairspray, spray deodorants, toothpaste and contact lens solution must be able to fit in a single transparent, resealable plastic bag, so it’s a good idea to use travel miniatures.

4. DVT Prevention

DVT is a blood clot that forms in a deep leg vein, and the risk to travellers of journeys of more than four hours is slightly elevated due to sitting immobile for that amount of time. In planes, the reduced cabin pressure and oxygen levels, dehydration, and availability of alcoholic drinks are thought to add to the risk - but are not proven to.

Although not a deadly serious risk, the ways to prevent DVT are easy and can also help you relax during your flight. Exercising your calf and foot muscles by bending and straightening your legs, feet and toes, and walking up and down the aisles of the plane during the times where the seatbelt sign is turned off all help, plus drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol to keep yourself hydrated all help prevent DVT.


5.  Eat Well

Overall, food served on a plane isn’t generally healthy and tasty! Due to the cost, space and shelf life, processed food (especially carbohydrates) is a staple of plane food. It may be cheap and travel well, but it isn't the best thing for us to be eating. Bring your own food on board with you - being careful of anything containing liquid. Depending on your destination, you may not be able to take fresh fruit, vegetables and meat off the plane, so its worth leaving any excess food on board when you depart.

Snacks like sweets and protein bars are ideal for a long journey, but avoid salty foods as they can dehydrate you. Many airlines offer vegetarian, Kosher, Halal and other ‘special’ meals if you order in advance, so make sure that the airline is aware of any dietary requirements you may have before you fly.

Article written by Faria Ahmad, Ecommerce Executive at Heidi Klein. heidi klein is the one-stop destination holiday shop offering everything you need for the perfect holiday wardrobe from a designer maxi dress to designer swim suits and beauty products.

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