How To Choose Your Hair Dryer

by Marisa Garcia SEO, Blogger
Best hair dryer for fine hair

Which hair dryer for which hair style

Some women just think that all it takes is go and buy a hair dryer, and that's it. No, there are hair dryers for fine hair and other hair dryers for curly hair and so on and so forth. So know your hair type and buy your hair dryer accordingly.

Hair dryer: Wattage? 

"The best option is to choose a hair dryer whose power is between 1,800 and 2,000 watts. Today it is quite easy to find a 1,800 watts hair dryer in supermarkets and retail stores. Yet, wattage is not everything. Your blow-dryer must also have a good air flow. A professional hair dryer, for example, will have a 100 m3 per hour rate. »

How good are hair dryer featuring the Ionic technology?

Choose a model that offers good heat control system. "This avoids excessive heat, which weakens the hair." While nothing has been proved yet, we recommend you have Ionic hair dryers, which thanks to the contribution of negative ions help save of your hair’s keratin." Protected from excessive heat such as well as static, your hair will only gain in beauty.

Is the turbo mode essential for a hair dryer?

What about the "turbo mode"? Superfluous accessory or a good plus? According to a prominent hair specialist, "If you have a powerful hair dryer, you won’t need this option much. " From another perspective, to get good blow dry, you should make use of your hair dryer’s attachments ." They help focus the air, and therefore have a much more precise styling. This is necessary to make a blow dry at home. "


A lot of women buy the latest and most powerful models, but they ae still dissatisfied with the results they get. Which one is to blame? 90% of these cases it’s the user to blame. If you can’t use your hair dryer appropriately, then it’s just a good-for-nothing tool. And besides, it's not that complicated. "Just avoid extremities: Don’t blow too hot air and don’t hold your hair dryer near your hair. Otherwise, you will damage your hair more than help it. I also advise not to work on wet hair, which prolongs the drying time. It is better to first dry with a towel. Finally, it is much better to move the dryer, do not concentrate it too long onto the same place. That is why it is important to opt for a lighter model. Prior to buying a blow dryer, hold it at arm’s length and feel it in your hands "

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