How To Build An Authority Site or Blog

by Peter Stiller Seo Consultant at SeoCompany21

Because you are building a site that is intended to be really useful to the target audience, you are going to need to do quite a bit of work.   The work is easier and goes much faster than you think though.   That is the great part about building authority sites.   Because your objective for the site is clearly defined and limited in scope, you will find that the work gets completed methodically over a reasonably short time frame.

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Generating The Content For The Site Can Be Accomplished In A Couple Weeks

photo of a woman working on a laptopBecause you are generating content with a specific goal of actually educating a person about a specific topic, you can actually produce that content pretty quickly.  That is one of the great things about this kind of site.   One of the things that other bloggers often struggle with is coming up with topics to write about for their generic blog.  They run out of ideas.   That really shouldn’t happen to you much with an authority blog.  You will know what to write about and therefore you can get the content created pretty quickly.

Obviously it helps if you really understand your topic thoroughly.  The more you understand your topic, the easier it is going to be to create all of your content.


The Amount of Time To Create Your Website Layout and Site Architecture Will Depend Entirely On Your Skill Level

If you have lots of experience with web design, then you will bang out the site architecture in a day or two.   If you are brand new to it, then you will spend a few weeks or maybe longer figuring out how to do things and getting the site to look close to how you really want it.   Of course you could always outsource this step.  I recommend that you do it yourself with your first site.  The knowledge that you gain through that learning process will be extremely valuable to you in future projects.


Promoting The Website Once It Is Up And Running Will Take A While

man making announcement using megaphoneMy business model for building authority sites relies heavily on search engine optimization.  A lot of that optimization is done during the site building phase when you are creating your pages and customizing your WordPress template.

There is also a lot of work that is done besides the internal site stuff though.   You will need to generate some publicity for your site by getting other people to link back to your site.   That process is going to take quite a while.   You will be writing new articles and publishing them at other websites.  You will be visiting other blogs so you can read and comment on their posts.  You will be doing a lot of looking around to find other good sources of links for your website.

If you choose to take me up on my offer of partnering with me, I can help you get a lot of those links.  That is something I have gotten down to a system after doing it for so many years.

Getting enough inbound links pointing to your site is a task that will take quite a while.  You can only do it so quickly.  And it is very time consuming.


My Personal Experience With How Long It Takes To Build An Authority Site

Most of the authority sites I have built have been built over a period of months working on them part time.   And I typically have multiple projects going on at the same time.  So, building a new site from start to finish could happen much faster if I only worked one at a time.   As you are doing your first authority site, you would be smart to focus entirely on that one site and resist the temptation to build more than one at a time.  Save that multitasking for once you have completed at least one of them from scratch.

The last authority site I built took me under one month to complete from beginning to end.  The site itself was totally complete within that first thirty days.   I did spend more time than that when it came to promoting the site.  It took me about 90 days or a little longer to get it ranking at the top of Google.   But, the site itself was totally up and running in a matter of days.  That site is very beneficial to its target audience and earns lots of honest social media likes and shares.   You can tell that people really like it.  That site was a great success.

Early on when I was building my first site it actually took me a lot longer than that.  It takes longer your first time because some of the little technical things will take a while to get the hang of.  At first, they take you what seems like forever just to accomplish a simple step.  Then it takes you a while to become efficient at promoting your website. You learn quickly when doing this stuff though.  It is more a matter of finding the motivation to just do the work that you know needs to get done.

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