How much does it cost to develop a Taxi app Like Uber

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With the arrival of app based transportation, the need to develop taxi app has risen among developers because of the proliferation of taxi companies like Uber. So how much would one need to spend to create a Uber clone.

To begin with, remember, the app has two fronts. One for the driver and the other one for the customers/passenger. So it is basically two apps.

So if we are to build such an app, the investment would be for two apps and the integration of both. So taking that into account let’s see how much we can spend to have this created.

1.      The passenger’s App

What does a normal Passenger’s App? While the interface may be a bit different, and you’d have different taxis, most of the taxi apps like Uber follows a similar procedure. Let us look at all the components which make up the passenger’s app.

     Your location placed on a map

     Request for a ride

     Type of vehicle

     Confirmation of ride

     Email notification to the registered email id of the user about start of ride and end of ride with fare

     The way you would want to pay

     The history of your rides




2.      The Driver’s App

How drivers will interact with their customers through a taxi app remains more or less the same as well, across different taxi apps.

     The location of the driver placed on a map

     Accepting the ride

     Cancelling the ride

     Starting the ride once the passenger boards the taxi

     Ending it once the ride ends

     History of previous rides by the driver




      Before starting the app or working on it, the driver has to create his entire profile and log in.

Now if you have a fair idea about app designing then carry on. But then if you do not, and this article is for those who don’t, you do have to hire Taxi App Developers and that would increase your investment.

Let us find out by how much:


Now this is most important aspect of any app. If the design isn’t good, it just won’t attract customers. It has to be easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, comfortable to be read and used. The app designer has to keep in mind that every age group will be using this app. Then there is the entire hullabaloo about the app icon. In entirety it will cost you anywhere around 2500 to 8000 USD.


Application Program Interface or API is the set of protocols, routines and tools for building software applications. Your Taxi App will need them. These will be used for apps to communicate with each other and for supervisors and software engineers to monitor passenger operations. Building them will cost you a neat sum. Let’s estimate it at: 7000 to 12000 USD.

Mobile App

The most important part of the app. The Mobile app is the main app itself which the driver and the passenger is going to use. They are two separate interfaces and hence should be treated as one. You can negotiate with the Taxi App Developers since this development will cost you the most.

Guess estimate: 10000 to 20000 USD.

Your mobile app needs to multi platform compatible and its performance should be equally good on all devices.

Testing and Quality check

I would include the cost of Quality Checks and testing too within your investment. It can be done in house or through consultants. The prices will vary but will still stay within the range of 5000 to 8000 USD for external consultants.

PCI Certification

Your app will accept credit card payments so the cost of a PCI certification or a certified partner will now be added. This adds significant costs to your investment, though it will vary with the number of credit card transactions over a period in time.


Do not forget to add the Analytics section into your app. It will give you the exact picture of how much your app is helping you earn.

Creating a taxi app for commercial purposes is costly, but as Uber had shown, no investment is bigger than idea whose time has come.

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