Home Theater Acoustics

by Jake son Chicago Hotel Management Company

Some individuals believe that forking over a large sum of money for a top of the line sound system is the only necessary step for having top-notch Home Theater Acoustics. The truth is, the electronics and the speaker sound system only make up about half of the overall quality of the sonic. Home Theater Rooms Design is the other component that should be factored into acoustics. This means that if the second factor is not recognized and catered to during the Home Theater Installation the system will only be at fifty percent of its potential.


The reason that this is the case is that when an individual is in a room such as these their ears pick up not only the sound that is directly coming from the speakers, but also the sound that is reflected and bounces off all of the hard surfaces in the room. Surfaces include things like: fireplaces, chairs, cabinets, floors, windows, coffee tables, etc. For this reason many rooms that are designed specifically for movie watching have less furniture and focus merely on constructing the walls, floors, ceiling, and seating in a way that is conducive to quality Home Theater Acoustics.

            When people do not realize that they need to get a room treatment in order to have the best sound, they are missing out on the capability of their system. There are different types of treatments for the rooms. Sometimes materials are added to absorb the sound whereas other times diffusive components are used on the ceilings and walls to scatter the sound. The diffusers normally have abnormal shapes. One example is a poly-cylindrical diffuser, which is in the shape of a half circle. It comes out from the wall or ceiling that it is attached to.

The surfaces of the room are often covered with a 2-6 inch thick material that absorbs the sound. The ideal density per cubic foot is three pounds. Different companies prefer different materials. They use everything from common foam, and fiberglass, to a special mineral fiber that is made from recycled volcanic rock. This material is known as “slag”.

It is a shame that some people only focus on the quality of the speakers and the aesthetics of the room. It is easy to spend a lot of money on a great sound system and on the renovations necessary to make the room fit the style that a client wants. They can easily invest a large sum of money into new furniture, paint, carpet, curtains, etc. and still not have the high quality acoustics that are necessary for a pleasurable listening experience.

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