Handmade Silver Jewelry

by Rohanda James Silver Jewelry Designer

Lou’s Corner Store offers handcrafted 925 silver jewelry that is crafted by expert artisans from Peru, Thailand, Mexico and, of course, the United States. 

Handmade jewelry has become more popular, and these pieces are becoming conversation pieces and are to be cherished. Many great accessories have come from handmade artists, from beaded bracelets to wired necklaces.

As one of the more affordable types of precious metal, sterling silver is highly trendy in the fashion world. Quality handmade sterling silver jewelry will last for many years and go well with nearly any wardrobe selection. Many pieces of gemstone jewelry are made from sterling silver, especially pendants, rings, and earrings. Handmade jewelry in Sterling silver is often complimented with bright colored and exotic gems that add shine and color to the metal. Wear silver with contrasting colors to spice up neutral outfits.

Check out our website,, and peruse our catalog and choose from our excellent selection.

Knowledge about Pricing:

Many artists make the error of pricing their handmade jewelry too low and there are many reasons for this.

1.      The artist doesn’t value their own talent.  They feel “lucky” to sell a piece, at any price, and don’t understand that the sale doesn’t even covert the cost of materials.

2.      Their friends and family urge to not “risk failure” by setting prices too high.

3.      When their art doesn’t sell they assume it’s priced wrong so the first thing they do is drop the price.

4.      They are the typical “starving artist” and they hesitate to put higher prices on their work for fear of scaring customers away.

5.      They don’t know how to charge for the time it took to make a particular piece.

Pricing handmade jewelry is a tricky process but it can be done.  It might take a lot of “tweaking” the prices to find the perfect fit but it can be done.

If you price the product too low means the artist may have to make and sell 5 pieces of jewelry to earn $50, rather than earning the same $50 for just 1 piece.  This means the artist has to work harder in order to earn a living and this could lead to burn out or simply shutting down the business because it’s not profiting enough to stay afloat.

The artist needs to figure out the cost of materials, try to determine a price to charge for the time it took to create the piece and then work in a reasonable percentage that will gain them a profit on that piece. The profit can be low to begin with but as business picks up and clientele increases the price of that piece can increase.

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