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Fashion always comes around in cycles. Nothing is ever out of style. Once the vintage look was ridiculed, but now it has been spun into everyday urban wear. One can casually wear a large bonnet or a ridiculously large flower but none would bat an eyelash. What is it that reminds people to draw inspiration from the past? What is it that connects people to the past... Fashion photography. People take photos of landscapes, people, animals and the like, but photos and portraits of fashion styles existing in the current period preserve the culture of that time and makes its beauty and meaning significant for the future generations.

fashion Photography

Photography of fashions began its course during 1856 and has now evolved to the high fashion photography of today. What we see in magazines of long legged, alluring people wrapped in sheaths of fine clothing designed to perfection is anything but natural. For all we know the very same model could be right now in pajamas and laughing out loud while watching a chick flick. So what makes the transition that allows a normal person to become a sensuous delight that we finally see?

It is the fashion photographers who perform this major operation. A dress is a dress which would look perfectly nice even on a mannequin. But here is where fashion comes in. In this industry, a dress is not just a dress. Each piece of garment, each texture, each color, each spin and stitch has a story of its own. The photographer first has to understand what the clothing stands for. Then the connection between the model, the garment, accessories, make-up and hairdo has to be established. Next would be the pose which would display the garment perfectly and finally the link between the background and the subject. All this made and the photo would still be incomplete if the photographer fails to capture life and emotion in the picture. Such is the story behind each photo on the covers of magazines.

modeling photography

Apart from fashion photography where the garment takes center stage, modeling photography lays emphasis on the models. Portraying them in vivid colors, or subtle hues, softened edges, or hard angles whichever would bring out their inner charm and charisma is the idea behind this type of photography. Being a highly competitive industry, only the best work can stand out and receive recognition. A photographer is essentially an artist who uses the camera as a brush and the world as a palette.

For a model to be a part of a modeling agency, one must have a portfolio showcasing prior work or in the case of a newbie, images of the model in various poses and clothing preferably compiled by a famous photographer. Some photographers create portfolios for models. Portfolios which don’t make the cut lose out, and usually they are portfolios in which the photos lack the ‘oomph’ factor required for the industry, even though the model suits the profession. So portfolio photographer is also an important component in this glam biz and in most cases the determining factor.

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