Farming Gold Fast in Diablo 3 – Gear, Location and Class Guide

by Zhu Kent Love Game

How to farm fast Diablo 3 gold seems still a big problem since it’s launch, especially for the hardcore funs.

Look at that, I’m comparing it to my regular run of the mill magic helm I’ve equipped. No bonuses where it counts. You are wholly at the mercy of luck when you farm for magic items. Gold is a more reliable, if less interesting income. So how to go about it?

First up – gearing for farming gold. What gear to use for gold farming? Gold farming requires a high GF%. Always include it. Given that with zero +GF you can still get hundreds of gold from a mob or barrel it’s worth converting each pile into much more. At the same time you get more gold on higher difficulties. Shouldn’t you just strap on your best survivability and dps gear and head to Inferno?

Second – choosing a location to farm gold. This is the clever bit – remember back in beta, everyone raved about the Royal Crypts because of it’s high density of smashable pots and lack of mobs? It’s still good. Better yet if you can quest that far in Inferno you’ll get even more gold and the first couple of chambers (before the event) have no mobs (any time I’ve tried). You can go all out with +GF gear in inferno and not die regularly.

Third – choosing a gold farming class. What’s a good Diablo 3 farming class? I’m sure no one picked a class based on how fast it would smash barrels but the good news is that every class has the capacity to AoE large areas of furniture and gold containing barrels in a short space of time, cheaply.

The concern for those of us who want to farm the most gold, is how each class handles the higher difficulties and killing mobs there. Now Diablo 3 is a pretty balanced game but some classes get a few advantages when surviving those higher areas.

More importantly, not all classes have an even distribution of that boost the chance that treasure and gold will drop. That’s a definite advantage (for example a DH can use Companion Ferret for a direct GF boost).

With this guild, players can farm more D3 Gold Eu, but if still lazy at farming, they can consider buy it from legit suppliers.

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