Empowr Success Coaches – True Or False?

by Gloria S. Author

Like just about anything else you can think of, there are web-wide debates about the volatility of the Empowr experience, and the coaches themselves. While there are plenty of sceptics out there, the majority of them actually have no experience with the system itself.

In fact, the Empowr Success Coach Program has been one of the most positively received and important parts of the entire platform. Put together by Empowr themselves, the Success Coach program is comprised of regular Empowr members that wish to help guide the rest of the community down the path of success using the opportunities that the Empowr platform offers. These assistants come with full training to help out those who require any type of help they need – even if it seems ridiculous!

Whatever the question or query, it is welcomed within the Success Coach Program. These people come with invaluable experience, and real experience. All of the questions you may have are responded to with detailed answers that someone without practical experience and knowledge of the system could not give.

Success Coaches only earn money based on the level of their client’s success. With that in mind, why would coaches sign up with the intention of giving out potentially false evidence that could result in them not getting paid? Their performance is rewarded by seeing you progress, so there’s certainly no loophole or benefit for hiring Success Coaches!

Of course, these nay-sayers could be people who simply can’t handle any type of constructive criticisms, or they perceive advice as an attack on themselves. The chosen coaches in the program go through an extremely detailed and extensive process to get chosen – it’s not won in a pub quiz!

They pass a series of difficult exams and, like any other position, have to go through a successful interview process to make sure that only the elite are chosen to coach. After all, what would a coaching program with bad coaches offer to anybody?

The most important thing that you can find is that by working alongside your success coach, you can really change your potential. Let your Coach have a view of your balance pages – they aren’t going to scam you or start stealing your identity, they can only see the information that you decide.

Letting them get a quick overview for themselves saves a lot of time going over ground that can be covered much quicker with a view of your balance pages. Then, you can be given much more tailored instructions to help you boost your potential. As was mentioned before, these coaches need to show that you are earning and benefitting from their service, if not they will be moved on out the door!

A big part of getting the best out of your coach, too, is to be able to converse freely about the situation. If you are giving out very thin feedback, it’s hard for them to give you a deep analysis and construction of what you are and aren’t doing. This will help make the process much smoother and allow for a better level of feedback from both of you.

This is key to the success levels of you both, as you both get to learn. You get to pick up valuable information and your coach grows in their man management and teaching skills. This makes both of you more effective and useful members to the community as a whole – a double win!

Remember about the mutual benefit of success, though.

If you understand your coach is genuine but simply aren’t progressing under him, it’s best to request a new tutor. This saves you both time and money in the long-run, and is never taken as an insult or a slight – some things just aren’t supposed to work out. Don’t let it get you down though; there are plenty of genuine coaches out there in the Empowr Success Coach program! 

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David A. Junior  Just here to read
I've done stuff like this for other sites, where I, a part of the community, help other members. This is a great way to make it easier for new users too, so that's big. I really love to have help from veteran users, so this makes joining Empowr that much better.
Jun 19th 2014 19:18   
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