Email Marketing Services and Facebook Marketing - Commonalities

by Digital 360 Digital Marketing Agency
Have a digital marketing company pitch to you about online marketing services and you just might hear something related to marketing integrations. That’s the latest bug most providers of website design and development services and paid search services seem to be bitten by. With the need to innovate having finally caught up with them, integrations are something they are swearing by and want to do their best to ensure their clients get full worth for the money they spend. The latest integration, as it happens, is being done between Facebook Marketing and Email Marketing Services.


1. Every SEO Company in India sees both these as two very fine mediums of broadcast communication. Plenty of questions can be asked, interactions can be initiated and discussions be set off.

2. Email Marketing Services and Facebook Marketing are usually perceived of as direct response media by almost every top digital marketing company. One has its basics in copywriting and the other in creative. The scale of communication might vary, but the art of eliciting responses remains the same.

3. Both are very relevant and specific mediums to communicate. Marketing professionals involved in emails make full use of AB Testing as compared to subject lines. On the other hand, social media marketing professionals work on assessing responses to various offers and updates.

4. Emails as well as Facebook both facilitate healthy interaction. Emails if used like social media are good at encouraging dialogue and interaction. Email newsletters often feature feedback through surveys and polls and also encourage readers to give their opinion through comments.

5. Heard of integrations? That is the latest ‘in’ thing. Every top SEO Company in India and all top providers of website design and development services these days are using emails as the most potent tool to talk about social media campaigns. Vice-versa, social media campaigns being created further go a step further telling their potential customers that further details will be shared via emails.

6. Both have proven their efficacy when it comes to building a brand online. They both are proven modes of communication and have demonstrated unlimited potential in helping businesses gain considerable exposure. If you as a marketer are smart enough to blend both creative and copy, then there is nothing that will stop you from reaching heights where you have never been before.

Emails have for the last 15 years and so been the cornerstone of client-vendor communication. The advent of social media in the last few years has given parties many other options to engage comprehensively. Both are being used in tandem these days to open up more avenues for better communication, in a bid to explore more opportunities, generate more quality leads which might further result in greater conversions.

Emails as well as social media have their own relevance and both have shown over the years why both are truly dominant in their own area of specifications. As a marketing professional, you need to understand these commonalities and use them to your advantage.

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