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Dr Robert Young has concluded from his work that food products consumed by many, such as meat, sugar and dairy products are highly acidic. Therefore, in order to alkalize the body and restore it to its natural state an alkaline diet is necessary. However, in order maximise alkali consumption and to ensure that your body receives its adequate supply of essential nutrients, Dr. Young and his team have formulated a series of alkaline dietary supplements which form the pH Miracle series of supplements.

What is available?

Dr. Young’s pH Miracle line of products includes some of the most power packed alkalizing supplements available. Amino acids, activated oxygen, liquid chlorophyll, antioxidants, salts, hemp seed, potassium iodide and dried fruits and vegetables among many others. While all of these products are alkalising, each of them is associated with specific health benefits. But easily the most popular product on the pH Miracle range is the Doc Broc’s Power Plants fruit, grass and vegetable drink mix. This revitalizing and energizing drink mix was formulated by Dr Robert Young as an effective super food rich in nutrients, minerals vitamins and natural chlorophyll all of which are just perfect for an alkalarian lifestyle and good health.

Where can you purchase them?

All of the products listed on the pH Miracle line of supplements, along with other supplements and alkalizing oils developed by Dr. Robert Young and his team, can be purchased through the pH Miracle website. Alternatively, you can also order these supplements via telephone by calling 855-876-7397.

As a leading scientific researcher for over two decades, Dr Robert Young’s research has covered a range of topics in the field of nutrition, health and alternative medicine. Some key advances in nutrition science, and potentially in biology as a whole, have been the due to the research efforts of Dr Robert Young over the past 20 years or so.

Work on diet and nutrition

Building significantly on a school of thought that originated in late 19th century Europe, Dr Robert Young posits that the central and singular cause for all disease in human being is the imbalance between acidic and alkaline constituents of the body’s internal fluids. Dr. Young’s work has revealed that the singular treatment for this decrease in body pH is intake of alkaline food. Obesity, as Dr. Young discovered, is also a result of acidification of the body. Further work has revealed that obesity can be remedied through a disciplined regimen of exercise and alkalizing diet. In addition, Dr Robert Young’s work has shown that a range of other conditions from osteoporosis, cancers, increased cholesterol and kidney stones are all an effect of acidification and can all be treated with alkilizing diet.

Work on nutritional microscopy

Dr Robert Young’s work on diet and nutrition is based on findings from live blood analysis, which he happens to specialize in. Apart from using live blood analysis to complement his nutritional research, Dr Robert Young also teaches live blood analysis to students on nutritional microscopy courses.

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