Diabetes and kidney disease cause impotence and treatment to overcome this problem

by Fionn Flemming Medical Consultant

Diabetes and kidney diseases may induce erectile dysfunction or impotence. Both illnesses influence hormones and blood circulation which induces it in men. Though sexual dysfunction is common in patients with chronic kidney diseases (CKD) it is not easy to diagnose and treat.

Other diseases that induce it are multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury. These influence nerve functions. Those who have high blood pressure may also endure from this problem because of high blood pressure pills. Similarly, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and other emotional problems and marital problems also redound to erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, it is a combination of physical and emotional problems.


1. It depends on the cause of erectile dysfunction. It alters from counseling, to drugs to vacuum pumps and surgery. Counseling is advised if the cause is emotional. If the condition is induced by a hormone problem, drugs may be injected directly in the penis to "flood" blood into the sex organ's tissues and cause an erection. Doctors may also recommend testosterone to solve the problem. However this option has side effects

2. Vacuum pumps draw blood into the penis and cause the erection. To hold the erection, a special elastic ring maybe placed around the penis. However, this can induce bruising so patients must be careful in using these rings.

3. Surgery looks like the last option if none of these options works. There are two methods available to help erectile dysfunction.

4. The first procedure requires the doctor to place a device inside the penis that will induce the erection during intercourse. However, caution should also be taken because infections have been noted post-surgery.

5. The second procedure, meanwhile, helps men get and maintain an erection though rebuilding blood vessels in the penis to increase blood flow into it. Patients need to confer with their doctors before deciding on any treatment plan, especially if surgery is being considered.

6. There is also sex therapy when the cause is psychological, performance anxiety, or is induced by physical or drug problems, or premature ejaculation. The counselor will evaluate you and your partner's sexual problems and continue into individual or joint counseling.

Studies recommend that more awareness is required for this problem to embolden patients and their partners to discuss the condition with their physicians. Diagnosis will rule out psychological problems and patients can be alluded to specialist clinics for treatments. Some patients may develop vascular disease after the kidney transplant which may exasperate impotence.

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