Body Massage in Bukit Merah: Epithrocleítis the Elbow of El Goofiest

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Epithrocleítis the Elbow of El Goofiest

What is it? It is inflammation of the tendons of the muscles inserted in the epitrol of the elbow joint, more specifically the flexor muscles of the fingers, mainly. It is also known as medial (inner) epicondylitis or golfer's elbow.

Causes: The causes may be diverse, but as in epicondylitis, Epithrocleítis usually occurs when there are excessive repetitive movements due to elbow or wrist flexion and even fingers and forearm pronation. For example, and hence its name, when the golfer hits the ball, the movement or exercise of that swing, provokes all those situations mentioned above, elbow flexion, wrist and fingers with some pronation of forearm. This does not mean that this injury is exclusive of people who practice this sport, but that they can become more prone to suffer it because the movements to be performed always or almost always are the same. Equally it will happen with professions or sports that can get to carry out the same movements of an excessive or very repetitive way.

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Symptom: There are specific symptoms that may indicate that this lesion may be suffering, such as palpation pain in the epithelia itself and sometimes with possible irradiation from the forearm to the wrist, forearm pronation or flexion of the fingers against Resistance, etc ... Pain can also occur when performing some other concrete movement or when holding tightly or picking up an object.

Diagnosis: Like any other tendon lesion, for a more reliable diagnosis it would be advisable to perform an MRI or even sometimes it would be worth with an ultrasound, although it is not always visible in the latter case. Palpation can lead to signs of injury if there is pain or there is inflammation and even more heat than normal compared to the other arm because of an inflammatory process.

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Treatment: If we have been talking about the fact that Epithrocleítis is a variant of a tendonitis, that if we ignore the origin of the word itself, it is an "inflammation" of the tendon, which is going to require mainly rest and postural hygiene the most correct and Adapted to be able to reduce that "inflammation" and with it the pain and the possible restriction of movements or actions. Ice in its most acute phase or if the injury has been caused by a trauma, or after a working day or a continuous activity, and heat when it has already passed to chronic phase or is at rest for several days, is the treatment in Principle more indicated, depending on the person and the injury, as in all pathologies and treatments. Placing some type of bandage, such as Kinesiotaping or neuromuscular dressing, can greatly aid recovery. Other alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, Cyriax technique or the application of some type of homeopathic gel may be together or separately, the total solution of the problem before thinking about a possible surgery, which would be, under my point of view, the last option and not with it would mean the total improvement in many cases.

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