A Better Kind of Water Heater

by Micheal Cottan Articles Content Writter

Traditional water heaters are inefficient, wear out quickly, and run out of hot water. A tankless water heater can help solve all of these problems.

Every home needs a water heater but the majority of homes have one that doesn't perform well or wastes energy. Hot water is both a necessity and a luxury, but many families find their hot water supply giving out mid-shower, or have to carefully time when they want to run the dishwasher! Fortunately, advances in tankless water heating technology can help solve all of these problems, giving a better overall performance, more hot water and a lower energy bill.

So what distinguishes a tankless water heater from a traditional water heater? Let's look at some of the advantages.

1.Continuous Hot Water.

A traditional water heater heats a large water tank to provide a limited hot water supply. When the water in this tank is used up there simply is no more hot water – and it can take hours to replenish! Tankless water heating technology addresses this issue by heating water on-demand as soon as you turn on the faucet.

2. Energy Efficiency.

Traditional water heaters have to work around the clock (24/7) to get water warmed up and ready for use, but most households really only use hot water during a few peak times a day. For example, showers in the morning or evening, and dishes after meals. That means that for 20+ hours a day your old water heater is wasting energy to heat water that isn’t being used! Tankless heating units only use energy when you actually need hot water and the unit remains passive during the rest of the time. The energy savings with a tankless unit can be significant!

3. Longer lifetime.

A traditional water tank is under continuous stress to heat water and as a result can wear out within 10 years. While the actual lifespan of a tankless unit will depend on the usage and unit itself, tankless water heaters have been known to last as long as 20 years! Besides the fact that tankless units only run on-demand, tankless technology is newer and built to last.

The above points are only 3 of the many reasons why many Americans are switching to tankless water heaters. If you’re considering a tankless unit for your home, speak with a certified trained professional to make sure you get the proper unit for your needs.

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