Before starting an online business ...

by Adascalitei Lorin programmer, designer, web design, SEO
I think many times will you ask:
which is why so many people do not make money online and would like?


I do not know how to find a market to sell them.

"Listen carefully" the next sentence that can change your
forever the way you see business. In certainly my case this happened.

Here it is:

FIND FIRST-a market that I SELL!

I'll say again:

FIND FIRST-a market that I SELL!

This is equally important
your business to life as air.

Deliberately begins with the phrase 'FIRST'
because prior to making a "product" or
"business plan", you have to answer
this question:

"Who's gonna sell?"

But almost all people follow this path:

1. They find a big idea

2. They find troubling his mind an 'bomb'

3. They start looking for someone to sell them product
and hoped that they would buy.

This is the road to disaster!

It's how you prepare the perfect recipe
meat that eventually to learn from your guests
dinner are vegetarians.

There is a very pleasant situation.

But fortunately all is not lost yet.

I'll reveal the winning formula right now for FREE.

Here it is.

Please write it in large letters on a cardboard and hold it in a visible place:

1. Find A Hot Market

2. Learn what product they want to buy

3. That product sells them

These things you must consider mandatory before embarking on this journey - online business profitable. "

Much more information, ideas, techniques and tricks you learn in Internet Marketing on my blog that will probably be released in early August. I'll be back with details.
More information here:
Create a product That Sells 

Learn, learn, learn ... and you will succeed ...

(the only good thing told by Lenin)

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Casey Zevenbergen Advanced   
I think a little more clarity is required to your message. Good luck.
Jun 14th 2011 03:36   
Jibril Babangida Bala Committed   Consultant.
Thanks once again for the great effort.
Jun 14th 2011 05:38   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
I do get the gist of your message. To help others is our goal here so I would recommend that you make a few suggestions on how to "find" the hot item? Should they use Google Trending? Should they do percentage research? Be more detailed in the what they should do?

God Bless and Keep you,
Jun 14th 2011 07:02   
JOSEPH CHACKERY Magnate I   Officer
Rather we should find a niche you like then market it!
Jun 14th 2011 08:24   
William Hooper Advanced   
I would say just research anything you want to be apart of online before you join or put more effort into selling good products/services ;)
Jun 14th 2011 11:31   
Noor-Ul-Huda Kakar Advanced   11-10-2019
To start an online business you need the following things,

1. The site you are working for isn't fake or scam
2. You need to have a business while having own site with promoting guru's indirectly.
3. your sincerity and trust on your skills will get you to the top.
4. Never hesitate what you want to do be a goal achiever.
5. No one can help you more than your own's self.
Jun 14th 2011 16:27   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
To be new is not a crime. Most times you will find the new person far more anxious to learn from a seasoned professional than any of the so called Teachers. We all had to start somewhere, I agree with @ sehrayi on his comments probably more than most.

please be sure that the site you are promoting is not a scam site. I was caught by one and it almost ruined my career.
I am not sure that I understand fully the second, For me it is that I still maintain a full time job outside of this business. but I come here every day to learn from others more experienced than myself.
I agree that if you are not sincere, if you do not market yourself as a trustworthy person you will lose more money than you make. (and the customers know the difference)
My favorite quote is this" Never ask the Lord to show you the way, Unless you are willing to move your feet. You know better than anyone out there what you can afford, what you want from your company. As Sehrayi said, NEVER HESITATE; BE AN ACHIEVER.
Go for the gold bar. It is yours only if you keep reaching for it.
Jun 14th 2011 17:54   
Leonidas Blaze Junior  
Lorin fantastic article.Actually it more than that it is a important article for all those who want to start an online business.A person is definitely got focus with the help of your article.And i am also agree with you sehrayi you also said very wonderful points out here.
Jun 15th 2011 05:54   
Noor-Ul-Huda Kakar Advanced   11-10-2019
Thanks Both Of you Patricia and leondas , i always want to learn and want to be student throughout my life because i have heard from one of my favorite personalities that saying that i don't know is half an education but saying that i know everything is a ignorant.

So, i want to be the student for my lifetime.
I also learn from your comments.
Jun 15th 2011 15:07   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
As I learn from all of you. I like your saying Sehrayi. I have always been an avid student. Of life, people, business. As long as we are willing to learn something new, Life can never be boring. :-)

Peace be with you,
Jun 15th 2011 19:27   
Noor-Ul-Huda Kakar Advanced   11-10-2019
I would like to have your company and you will also enjoy my company.
Jun 17th 2011 09:07   
Tricia (Patricia) Fahrendorf Advanced   
Thank you Noor. It is a pleasure to meet you.
Jun 17th 2011 17:24   
ivan simeonov Tycoon I   marketer
big success and good work good luck on all online
Nov 19th 2014 09:31   
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