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by Philippe Moisan Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Do you use ad networks for making money or to promote your opportunities?

First, a definition if what an ad network is.

It's a system where people can create ads that will appear on the sites that are part of the network, in this case, you are an advertiser. Or, you can put ad units from that ad network on your site, you then become a publisher.

The best known ad network in the world is Google AdWords-AdSense. You guessed it, the ad campaigns you create make you an AdWords advertiser, and you are an AdSense publisher when you put AdSense ads to make money on your site when people click on the ads.

For popular keywords, the little people ( any APSense member ) doesn't stand a chance against the big corporations, who hire armies of SEO experts and spend millions ( billions ? ) of dollars to make sure their ads and not yours are seen.

Some members do get success with AdWords, in special niches, I believe, like Multi-Pure, it still costs them a few hundreds a month, but when you make more than $4,000 a month, you can afford it, especially when you know what you're doing with SEO, which is the case of that member.

Well, in my case, I know a few basic things about SEO, but nothing to write home about. I must say I have gotten some success with text ads, but more with banners, actually, banners made by site owners, not created by me.

Ok, I get to the point of the article.

For a few months, APSense had its own ad network, but it was not promoted, cause apparently, the commercial script that was bought is not that good for targeting the ads on the right sites. So, a little piece of advice: stay away from the new supposedly hot hitcrawler ad network, it's the same script APSense bought.

Yesterday, I joined LinkReferral, a site recommended by Joseph, he says it helps to get traffic. I discovered LinkReferral is also an ad network.

There's an ad network I have seen a couple of times, it's called virablast unleashed or something like that.

The Quik sites have their own ad network, called SafeAdZone. I am a member of ListQuik itself, but have not used the ad network.

The one ad network I have seen a good number of times on internet marketing sites ( TEs, biz social networks ) is Ad Hitz i.e.

I started using it at the beginning of this month, i.e. around May 2nd, when I started promoting Wiki-Clix. I have used 2 ads at all times: a banner ad and a text ad. The first 2 weeks, the banner ad got way more clicks than the text ad, but the latter improved dramatically when I started writing about my tremendous number of referrals in the short period of time it happened. The banner still gets more clicks, though, about 30 % more.

Teodor, the Wiki-Clix owner, has told me that by far, the conversion rate was for people coming from Ad Hitz.

The banner ad is usually shown on about 1,000 sites, the text ad on at least double that.

That's very interesting, cause it shows Ad Hitz is a serious ad network, with thousands of sites. I get tens of thousands of impressions for my ads every day. The CTR ( click through rate ) is low, usually around 0.15 for the banner and 0.03 for the text ad. I'm not an expert on CTR, so are these numbera actually good, I have no idea.

What is your experience with ad networks? Do you know and use good ones that you could recommend?

The PPC cost at Ad Hitz is around $0.03. I won't lose my shirt. :)

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