Video surveillance technology trends

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Development of experienced analog video surveillance video surveillance, semi- digital control, digital control of three stages. For video surveillance, digital storage is bringing a revolutionary change.

First, video surveillance intelligence of

Intelligent video surveillance technology is more advanced level. As video surveillance data is very large, and users really need is just a small part of the information, or just really need to monitor very small probability of occurrence of certain events, how to get huge amounts of data or how valuable information from the visual interpretation into the machine automatically explanation is the development of video surveillance systems technology to a new direction. Can video surveillance from as static, ex post evidence into dynamic, real-time alerts for users to prevent and even more important. In fact the existing monitoring system is configured like the automatic motion detection, day and night switching adaptive storage, warning settings (such as the suspect photographs, fingerprints , etc.) and some low-level forms of intelligence functions. As technology advances, all intelligent monitoring system before the incident will be required to identify and make the right judgments, providing people with the most effective and rapid response measures in a timely manner.

Second, the video surveillance wireless technology

Wireless technology includes two aspects: First, the movement control center, usually, the object being monitored or cameras are often fixed. As a user monitoring system (control center) can be dynamic, when the company leadership on a business trip, need to understand the production company, you can use IP cameras laptop anytime, anywhere access for information. Second, wireless video surveillance network, with wireless broadband networks, based on 3G wireless video applications concern. When the control point spread and the distance with the monitoring center, or monitoring object is not fixed (such as taxis, armored cars, etc.), the use of traditional wired networks are often high cost of video surveillance target and difficult to achieve, and a variety of wireless-based transmission of mobile video monitoring and control means an irreplaceable advantage.

Third, IP based video surveillance

Video Network, IPTV, etc. are all important application of the rapid development of the network.With Internet technology, IP-based video surveillance more acceptable to people, network cameras to compress video information through the TCP / IP protocol , using streaming media technology video web of multiplexed transmission, has authorized Users can access the Internet, to achieve the command of the whole monitoring system, scheduling, storage, authorization control. In view of IPv6 in the service quality, network performance, enhance the level of security to improve the next generation IPv6 networks of Internet-based IP video surveillance will become mainstream.

Video Surveillance Equipment technology, with computers, coding and decoding, network transmission technology, has gone through three stages of rapid development, the current is moving digital, intelligent, IP, network continued to develop. At the same time video surveillance with other technology, has produced many new applications, plays an important role in all walks of life.

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