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by Alex Alaska p online entrepreneur
They are everywhere and every marketer is creating them, a lot of them are offering low cost trial's of their membership sites but there is only so much time that a person can sit in front of their computer, connected to the internet. I, fortunately have a broadband connection and my computer is hooked to the internet 24 hours a day. But at times, when a lot of people are surfing, the connection can become real slow. and yet there are still people that only connect using a dial up account.

so, How can you take advantage of one of these trial accounts for a membership site. one of the many ways is by using an offline browser. When i first take advantage of a new membership on one of these sites I'll connect with my offline browser which downloads the site to my own computer and then i can surf the site on my own time. When one of these browsers downloads a site to your system it changes all the links so there is no difference from using the site on your own system as opposed to using it while online. except for the fact that on your own system you won't have to worry about surfing the net when everybody else is. The duplicate site on your own system will run much more smoothly and faster. Now one thing to keep in mind is that some of these site's when downloaded could take up a gig of space or more on your own hard drive but usually i transfer these sites to a DVD via my DVD burner.

The only time i'll remain a member to one of these sites after my trial has expired is if I feel that the new posts will be something that i'll benefit from. So far very few have met this criteria but one of the ones i stay a member is the one run by Dan Kennedy. He sends out newsletters both via email and a hard copy once a month in the mail.

I just signed up for one trial tonight which offered a trial membership for the first month of only a dollar. If I decide to stay a member past the first month the membership is just under $30 per month but if I don't monitor myself these memberships can add up.

The beauty of a trial membership and an offline browser is that once my trial has expired I still have all the information that was offered for a lower price. I also want to mention that a lot of these marketers never purge their database of the old memberships that don't remain members. What this means is that your username and password will still work a year or two later even though you never kept paying a membership fee.

If i had a membership site i would make the password change every month. Give everybody the same password instead of letting them create their own.

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