Mindset of Abundance or Mindset of Poverty? Take the test... if you dare! ;-)

by Thomas Jungblut Entrepreneur
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It?s fact: When it comes to life?s challenges, real Leaders react the completely opposite of what the wanna-bes do...

Real Leaders have a mindset of abundance; the wanna-bes have a mindset of poverty.

Which are you? Take the ?test? below to find out!

PS: You can always GROW into becoming a real Leader, so if you find that you fall short right now, don?t despair!


Mindset of Poverty:

When you speak to a prospect/applicant/customer, you come across as being needy.
You need that sale. And, of course, it is because they can sense that you need it, that you don?t get it! (Attraction Marketing 101)

Mindset of Abundance:

You don?t get emotionally involved in the outcome.
When you speak to a prospect/applicant/customer, you give the impression that you don?t care whether they buy from you or not. Because, in all honesty, you don?t!
You know there?s an abundance of potential customers out there. If this person doesn?t buy, the next one will. Or the next...


Mindset of Poverty:

When a distributor/rep/member quits, you blame yourself.
You chase them, trying to make them change their mind...
When that doesn?t work, you lay awake at night wondering what you did wrong and what you could have done to rescue them.

Mindset of Abundance:

You know that in this industry, perhaps more than any other, people come and go.
You know that ?you can lead a horse to water but you can?t make it drink?.
You focus your time & energy on the serious individuals, the action takers ? knowing that ultimately each person is responsible only for themselves.


Mindset of Poverty:

You go into a frenzy when you experience a financial slump in your business. You fret and worry: will sales ever pick back up again?

Mindset of Abundance:

You know that every business has its ups and downs.
You also know that if you have tasted success once, you can and will taste it again.
You know that as long as you maintain your belief, continue to add value to yourself, and to take action on your belief and your knowledge, you can always ? always ? get yourself out of the dump and back on track.

The Competition

Mindset of Poverty:

You feel threatened by those you consider the competition. (And everyone is the competition!)
You hold on to your ideas and resources with clenched fists, fearful that someone will discover your ?secret strategies? and rob you of your traffic and customers.

Mindset of Abundance:

You know that the more you give, the more you get back.
You know there?s more than enough traffic for everyone, more than enough money to go around.
You celebrate the success of others.
You share, you help, you give, never worrying that you will come out short. And indeed, as a result ? EXACTLY because of how they see you think and act ? increasingly more customers are attracted to you and want to work with you and learn from you...

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