Step-by-Step Guide to making money online using Teamwork Revolution

by Russ Howe

   I am Russ, one of the forum admin staff within Teamwork Revolution. Many people have found a decent money-making program online at one stage or another who are NOT scammers and do actually pay out to you, however very very few of those people who find these programs actually manage to succeed in making the money they dreamt about.

 I am a full-time Dad to my 3yr old little boy. I'm 28 and I'm from the UK. I started out in making money online simply for the reason that I could not find a job which fitted perfectly around my son's needs. I am also a Personal Trainer. I started out, like most, using Global Domains International before moving onto a much more superior system in Teamwork Revolution where I was asked to become an admin after a few months.

 What follows is a step-by-step guide in which I show you how to make the most of this company. You can earn over $20000 per month from home using Teamwork Revolution, but what should you do to achieve this success? Read on.

Step One:
 Join Alertpay. Alertpay is FREE and it is just like Paypal, only it is worldwide. This is how you get paid from Teamwork Revolution. No waiting around for cheques, you get paid off TWR into your Alertpay account & you can drop it into your bank account anytime you want to. To get a free Alertpay account set up, CLICK HERE.

Step Two:
 Join Teamwork Revolution. You will get a FREE ten day trial, too. Membership to Teamwork Revolution, like most other companies of this type such as GDI, is $10 per month. You are able to join Teamwork Revolution with a free no obligation ten day trial by
 You can also visit this website to pick your own desired sponsor rather than entering under a random member. I would HIGHLY recommend you do this, because one of the keys to your success will be to make sure you get underneath somebody who you feel is best suited to helping you. We have the top marketers from around the world here, so you will find somebody you like. You also have the option to join under myself, too. To pick your sponsor and join under that person, CLICK HERE.

Step Three:
 Create an account in the TWR forums. The forums are located in the left-hand menu of your Teamwork Revolution Members Area after you have logged into your account. These forums are the most helpful forum you will ever see, guaranteed! It is a place which allows you to meet other TWR members and even speak to the owners (including former GDI world number 2 James Al-Oboudi). TWR is full of the best marketers in the world and you can learn from their posts here as well as speaking to other TWR members who are just starting out. Whilst on the forum, search for Russy1980 - that's me. If you send me a message saying you are new I will get in touch and let you know how best to take advantage of your first ten days so you can get the ball rolling whilst still in the free trial period!

Step Four:
 Create a video. I specialize in video marketing. Video marketing is by far the most effective style of marketing when promoting online. TWR owner James Al-Oboudi is the master of online video marketing and he will also show you how to do this.
 There are two types of video you can create. A slideshow or a personal. Click either of them to see examples of each (made by myself). Video marketing is my own speciality and I will show you not only how to make the best video you can, but also how to then get it ranked number 1 in Google without spending any money on it. To see proof I am number one in Google, perform these searches in Google:
proof teamwork revolution works
join teamwork revolution

Step Five:
 Once your 10 day trial period ends, you receive a copy of James Al-Oboudi's Marketing Guide. This is a 24-page e-book written by James which shows his own marketing strategies to all TWR members. It is worth pointing out that James Al-Oboudi is a full-time father like myself & he ranked number 2 in the WORLD with Global Domains International (GDI) without spending any money on advertising. He then brought in 2500 referrals to Revolutionary Matrix in under six weeks. This guide shows exactly how he does it. James is the master of video marketing & this guide will be the most useful piece of information you could ever wish to get as it gives you a step by step guide to what to do in order to achieve success (without spending any money on advertising) - and it works! James used these tactics three times (GDI, Revolutionary Matrix & now in Teamwork Revolution) and I use these tactics myself and have the fastest growing team in Teamwork Revolution thanks to it.
 This will help you to brand yourself as a top marketer in your own right. You will also receive one-on-one help from me, which no other TWR member will get.
 And that's it! You're on your way to making money online, money which will last you long-term. We will not let you fail, because as well as being able to market on your own and get your own signups & bonuses you will also receive help and free signups (spillover) from myself and the other guys in our team, we are placed right at the TOP of Teamwork Revolution directly under owner James Al-Oboudi and we will not let you fail. The reason we're the fastest growing team in TWR is because we give all of our members the best help they can get, we pride ourselves on it.
 One of our members, Emma, joined us with ZERO previous experience in making money online and she now has the biggest downline in our team, featuring some of the world's best marketers, because both myself and TWR owner James Al-Oboudi helped her one-on-one to develop her skills into the marketer she is today.
 The main reason people fail online is because of either a poor product or zero help from the company or the people who are around them (these are the people that are actually supposed to be helping them). With our team in Teamwork Revolution you will receive the absolute best support you have ever received in online marketing to date. As well as running what is currently the fastest-growing team in the entire company, I am also one of the TWR admins on the forum. Which means that if you need help, you GET help. You may contact me directly at to get the help you are in need of.

Thanks for giving me your time to read this, and remember, I am always only one email away!!

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Sandi Gobely Freshman   
Nice blog Russ..I have had the benefit of your advice and the advice of others on the TWR forum. I look forward to your future blogs. Thanks! Sandi
Aug 25th 2009 13:55   
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