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Large amounts may cause headache, giddiness, blurred vision, restlessness, nausea, and morning grogginess.

Valerian is included in the Food and Drug Administration’s list of herbs generally regarded as safe. For otherwise healthy non-pregnant, non-nursing adults who are not taking other tranquilizers or sedatives, valerian is considered safe in amounts typically recommended.

Valerian should be used in medicinal amounts only in consultation with your doctor. If valerian causes minor discomforts, such as headache or stomach upset, use less or stop using it. Let your doctor know if you experience unpleasant effects or if the symptoms for which the herb is being used do not improve significantly in two weeks.

Protect from Cat Attack

Medicinal valerian is a hardy perennial that reaches about 5 feet. Its medicinal roots consist of long, cylindrical fibers issuing from its rhizome. Its stem is erect, grooved, and hollow. Valerian leaves are fernlike. Tiny flowers-white, pink, or lavender-develop in umbrella-like clusters and bloom from late spring through summer. When dried, valerian roots have an unpleasant odor, described by American herbalist Michael Moore as “the smell of dirty socks.”

Valerian may be propagated from seeds or root divisions Seeds have limited viability. When viable, they germinate in about 20 days Roots may be divided in spring or fall Thin plants to l z-inch spacing. Valerian grows in many soils, but does best in rich, moist well-drained loam under full sun or partial shade. Once established, plants self-sow and spread by root runners. Older plants become weedy and overcrowded and lose vitality. Thin them when harvesting their roots.

Valerian has an effect on cats similar to catnip. Intoxicated felines have been known to destroy plants; use chicken-wire fencing if necessary.

Harvest roots in the fall of their second year Split thick roots to speed drying. Valerian’s characteristic unpleasant odor develops as the roots dry.

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