by janelake
The internet now provides instantaneous information that used to take a trip to the library and hours of looking through card catalogues and book after book to discover.

Computers work at virtually the speed of light and people have become reliant on getting results quickly and efficiently.

But in the world of making money on the internet, things are different. There is a certain tedium required and due diligence that harkens back to the days of sliderules and rectal thermometers.

So you join AGLOCO and get your referral link.

You go on over to Forgeturl to get it shortened and this enables you to post on Craigslist

You post two ads on Craigslist to see what happens. Nothing.

You go over to the AGLOCO website to get a sample email that you can send out.

You send it to two friends to see what happens. Nothing.

For 99% of you, that is the end of it. It's too hard. Not worth it.

Some people actually get lucky with the above activities and this keeps them going, but typically for only a week or so before they also get tired of prospecting.

Other unlucky people see an internet ad that promises millions of hits and sign up only to throw their money away!

The people that actually succeed are the ones that have patience! They realize that ultimately it is a numbers game. It takes a certain amount of posting and sending emails to get a certain number of hits. Conversions (hits that sign up) typically range in the 1% - 3% neighborhood. And that is for TARGETED hits, ie people that are interested in this type of thing.

They also think outside the box. Find ways of promoting that other haven't thought of yet. Get into a club and spread the word. This can result in hundreds of great referrals.

The good news is things stay around on the internet for a long time. I am still getting hits from posts I made years ago. So my advice is spend a half an hour a day posting. It takes a few weeks to start seeing results, but then it starts to click (no pun intended!)

Is it worth it? The answer is clearly yes, as many internet marketers make a six figure income with the best of the best making millions. You can be a complete failure and still make $500 a month!

I am glad to advise and would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Muriel & Graham Legg Professional   Make your website mobile friendly

How true it is that you have to have patience on the net. A lot of hype out there but whatever you read to be successful you need Time and Effort.
Without these then zilch - nothing - you will get nowhere fast.

Have FUN - we do

The MGs
May 28th 2007 09:13   
U.L.M. Taufik Innovator   

An absolute truism and well said.
Patience and consistency as the MGs say...that's what pays off.

Rgds and good luck.

May 29th 2007 12:25   
Dave DeGain Freshman  
Great article, you have most people pegged. I am a real newbie at internet marketing and am finding out just what a numbers game it is. But I am patient and persistant. I am also on the look-out for good advise from good people. You seem to know what you are talking about, and also, thanks for adding me as a contact. I hope to get to know you better in the future here. Maybe I can pick your brain a little.

Dave DeGain
May 30th 2007 21:31   
Hewitt Malone Innovator  
Thanks for the Air clearing comments. I am still an Optimis; I believe
if things are right, then the expected results will appear.

May 31st 2007 18:50   
Charlie Rakestraw Innovator   Land Agent

Just thought I would introduce myself to you.

I am Charlie Rakestraw from Devon in Enqland and am very new to this and have joined to promote my Business, to Network with other Members and get new Friends to contact.

Charlie R
Jun 10th 2007 10:07   
JOSEPH CHACKERY Magnate I   Officer
Hi, Jane

Thank you for your message. I shall look into it and will have a try.

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Jul 10th 2007 11:57   
Avi Peer Advanced  
Hi Jane
Thank you but I am already in agloco .
I can refer you to a great international business I am involved in. It is a USA startup company with great and innovating products in the wellness industry, and an innovating compensation plan. please take a look at my website and if you have more questions do not hesitate to ask me.
Avi Peer

Jul 21st 2007 17:25   
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