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Hello there.
Basically, PAIDVERT$ is just the Best Advertising website for all sites, products and services. Is not just another PTC website, its The Special One! Because it pays in Dollars each Click! From $1 to $50 Dollars Each Click and DAILY!

Just read and follow the Simple Highly Profitable System!!
We all can join for Free, but we all must upgrade to receive ads for just $0,05 cents each upgrade (to get ads up to $1 profit) and you can do this without investment.


1. Go to view activation ad on the welcome page. 
You can view these over and over again. Every time you view these ads, 
you will receive 100 bonus points. So, if you view 20 of them for 
example, you will receive 2000 points (1 DAY 500 BAP=$0,25 MAIN 

2. You will then receive $1 worth of ads to click as soon as possible (2000 
pts =$1 worth of ads to click).

3. Now you have $1. Go and setup an ‘ad campaign’ with that $1.

4. After setting up the advertisement, you will receive 3100 bonus points… 
which means $1.55 (1 day paid ads) worth of ads will be coming your 
way soon. Repeat this process, and you will grow your money very 

You also can play games to increase BAPS (points) and to increase your cash.
Get Paid Instantly, for each ad (advertisement) displayed for a few seconds by its members. It's a great business for Advertisers that exposes their sites to Paidverts members who sees each site after clicking. Each member also earns money for the clicks from their own referrals!
Is an innovation created by Subsidiary MyTrafficValue website (Gaming, Referrals, Investments) and is an unic profitable method in PTC world!

What is the minimum cashout?

The minimum cashout amount depends on where you're cashing your earnings out to:

MyTrafficValue Earnings Balance: No minimum!

Perfect Money: $1.00

EgoPay: $10.00

Solid Trust Pay: $10.00

PayPal: $2.00

Payza: $2.00

Western Union: $250.00

Bank Wire: $250.00

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