Stephanie Ledoux - Oct 27th 2020 11:18

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Ultimate SuperTip

I just finished reading the Ultimate SuperTip which I think will become a very popular ebook on rebranding.

Harvey Segal presents a strategy for selling any type of product using methods which will never become obsolete. Plus, he has an ingenious twist which will send your traffic rocketing.

The Ultimate SuperTip is neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links.

And the cost of this book? It's free!

And it ends with an amazing idea for making you money from the book itself.

You do NOT have to give up your name or email just to grab this book. This is something I wish most other marketers would do. But with so much misplaced emphasis on list building just to get some useless info, I am reluctant to be added to another subscription list only to be bombarded by sales pitches.

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