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Dec 18 2010 22:28
It is all up to you!As I sat pondering the state of the world today, it occurred to me that the single largest problem that our world faces is complacency. People just don?t seem to care about much of anything anymore. They don?t stand up for what they believe it, what is right and wrong, or put forth an effort to make things happen to improve their lives. Too many people in the world today have become lazy and complacent. Everyone seems to want someone else to hold their hand, walk them through life, and hand them everything they need to survive. What in the world is wrong with this picture? Where are the great minds of the world? Where are the people of the world that used to stand up for their beliefs, their rights, their goals, their very existence? One small example of how complacency has invaded our lives can be found right here on the internet. Individuals that have a world of open opportunities at their fingertips, if they just put forth a little honest effort, that could provide them with a lifetime of wealth and independence. Yet they still sit on their hands and expect others to do all of the work for them. This very site that you are visiting right now was put together with many long days and hours of hard work and thousands of dollars of investment to provide a foundation for people that wanted to learn about internet marketing, share with others in the same type of ventures, and actually make more money than any other site offers in referral commissions. Yet after all of the tools and initial investment for the platform has been handed to them on a golden platter, people still sit by with total disregard for themselves or their futures, hoping that some magic will happen and they will suddenly become rich. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people that are not willing to put forth any effort to not only learn the steps needed to become successful business people online, but also how to work hard at securing their future with the steps needed to succeed are going to fail in a fast and furious fasion. One day, members of this site, and thousands of similar sites that have provided everything needed to succeed are going to log in one day only to find the site has disappeared entirely. Without the support and hard work of the members of any site to ensure the site has quality content, regular activity, and members that truly care about their goals, no site will survive. The owner of this site is no different. Although generous beyond reason, and willing to do whatever it takes to support and help the members of the site, the cost to maintain a site like this is much too expensive to continue maintaining when the very members it was built for do not seem to care if it survives or not. Let?s hope that the coming holiday season is wonderful for everyone, and the new year will open a few eyes and ears to the sights and sounds of reality. Maybe then, we can move forward as a family of successful members and succeed together. If not?. Papa Pnot

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