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Give $50 / Get $50
Nov 21 2014 19:00

The concept is really simple and really important. There are no middlemen in our farm-to-family business model, which means we make more money and so do you. And as we grow, our efficiencies will become even greater. So you can be assured that we will be adding, not subtracting, bonuses as we move forward.

Earn Up to 64 Additional Paychecks This Year!

Most compensation plans pay monthly OR weekly. The Purium Compensation Plan pays monthly AND weekly. That’s 64 opportunities for you to earn income.

Get Into Profit Fast!

Give $50 / Get $50
Enroll a new Customer or a new Member with a 10-Day Transformation.
Earn $50. Yes, it’s that simple!

Simplicity = Speed
This new program is the ultimate in simplicity.
It’s another “first” for Purium.
This is a “game-changing” program that will ROCK the industry!