The Star Global School | Best School in Rohtak - May 27th 2024 05:58

About our Business

The Star Global School is one of the best school in Rohtak. Instilled with a vision to provide high quality and wholesome education, the school is spread across a vast property of over 6 acres on Sonipat Road, Rohtak. Equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms, including smart classes, multiple labs and activity rooms, we provide our students with the best infrastructure to foster growth and learning. In addition to academic facilities, the school boasts a range of high-quality sports facilities that include synthetic tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts and a cricket pitch. Vested in technology and pedagogy to ensure holistic development of the students we stand to make this institution one of the finest in the country. At Star Global confidence is cultivated to help students to explore every aspect of learning. We constantly create activities where students learn as we believe experiences are the best allies for the brain development of the little ones. Ranked amongst the top schools in Rohtak, we encourage every child to be experimenting, exploring and creating with a range of materials, he/she learns about problem-solving in situations where there are no set or ‘right’ answers.

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