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Aug 22 2012 19:03
OXXYWELL MRET Water is water levels are low Inorganic Mineral already added enough Oxygen and has undergone the process of activating the effect of magnetic field on the resonance frequency constant motion specifically on the molecular structure of water. And there is a process of generating resonance of water molecules. This process is related to the quantum transitions in mikroaktivitas klarate are not linear, and a multi-frequency process. MRET water can be in a state of activation happened in a long time. It has a more informative properties such as permittivity and viskosita dialektrik that has changed from plain water.

The virtue of Oxygen in the body:
- Increase intelligence, improve nerve function,
- Regenerate body cells, maintain cell hydration,
- Increases the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and proteins,
- Prevent the growth of cancer cells, reduce toxins in the blood,
- Reduce asthma and allergy body, preventing stress and nervousness,
- Turning off an-aerobic bacteria, parasites and microbes,
- Strengthen the heart contractions, increase aerobic stamina body,
- Increase immunity, Improve sleep quality,
- Maintaining a youthful and elastic skin and prevent premature aging,
- Increases fat burning in the body,
- Stabilize blood pressure.


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