Aug 22 2012 19:39
ayobai is social networking sites NATIONAL INSIGHT areas, which was unveiled to coincide with the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on the Day Friday August 17th 2012 / Friday the 28th of Ramadan 1433H 10.00 am, where the first one was launched on March 19, 2012. ayobai site is a social networking site or social media with a national outlook buddy system (WANAS) where children from Aceh to Papua, Indonesia are brothers and friends. Besides, it is also true buddy system ayobai know one another after marking.

Aug 22 2012 19:23
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Aug 22 2012 19:16
SPECIAL PROGRAM MKMSpecial programs focus MSM to try to succeed the program's distribution of shares of public service, which was launched SG InternationalFulcrum MKM program objectives;1. Maximum share ownership for each shareholder. So that shareholders can hold shares with a decent amount of income that can be earned per month will be worth it anyway (per person minimum 3000 shares).2. Giving briefing / knowledge of computers, internet and menyebarluasan benefits of internet technology.3. Organizing web introduction of public services to the community at large4. Guiding the maximum utilization of web public service after a public web service is running. So the Internet not only as a useful suit which only tends to negative. Given the internet is something that is very beneficial.

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